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I found this really cute Howls Moving Castle AMV that I saw at a convention. It's here:

It's so cute! =D (It has movie spoilers so if you don't like that don't watch it.)

Anyways, Sora came over today for a little while. We just spoke a little and she stole my strawberry pocky. She also used used my computer for a little while. That annoys me. But anyways she's gonna have school off on Friday, so she's coming over then. Mabye I'll tell her then, I dunno..

And someone said that my journals are sort of like a TV show.. I'm not sure how to take that. XD If I only went to school (I'm home schooled.) my life would be the perfect soap opera wouldn't it..? Yes I think it would..

And I don't know why you people like my writing. I hate it. X3 But whatever. I think it's interesting that people read my journals though.

Annd, I'm still confused over when Sora kissed me on the cheeck.. It was just a little peck but.. I'm confused! X_X She was acting weird that day... Hmm.

And I'm gonna watch episode 6 of Death Note RAW because I'm impatient. I've read the manga so I know what happens anyways. And did I mention that I'm impatient..?


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I second that about the soap

I second that about the soap opera. Not that your story is as shallow as (in my opinion) many soaps are. But just that it continues in small episodes, and that it has been building up for a while now, ... By now, every time I log onto Oasismag, I wonder: O let's see if there is a new episone on Nayru and Sora.

and now watch out for a terribly heckneyed or cliché thing to say: It's so much more grapping than a TV show because your story is REAL!!

I hope that doesn't annoy you... I mean it a bit as a joke, all this sensationalism. but it's true that I follow.

I wish you a happy new twist in the soap ;-)

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Oh dear. It seems I missed a

Oh dear. It seems I missed a few episodes while I was out of the oasis loop.

Anyway, good luck with Sora. I doubt anything bad will happen if you tell her you like her. =)

PS: I'm in love with Howl's Moving Castle. teehee.

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Soap Opera

Yeah they are like a soap opera(not in a bad way though!) I really hope that things work out with you and Sora!!:)

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