Three Crows and a Cross

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Would you be what you are today
If you weren’t dead?
Binding, bleeding, falling down,
Oh, falling down, can you see, can you see?
Maybe happy on the outside,
Still smiling, laughing, add a sappy line.
Hell is only so far away, so I’m told,
This hell is but one door over, I’m told,
I christen “hallelujah!”

A morbid tale told by a silver pendulum.
Where the devil was an angel?
I am not a saint.
I’ve baptized demons by being a whole.
So shoot me up for this small part
And attribute this to red smoke.
A theme gods attack.

A penny earned, a penny saved,
A penny for my thoughts.
A dollar burned, a faithless year,
A quarter for your verdict.
If I could end your pain, I would
but I’m bound when my heart turns black.

Find me where the water thins,
Add a line of your own and take my advice.
Fashion me a whole new outlook on life,
or I could just take yours and make you happy.
Too bad it costs more than thought.

The beauty of the sun is only deep
as the eyes that it bleeds.
Red skies and red roses wilt
Where you find me weak.
Blur me, dove, a heartless song
brings back where I fall.
The last sad story of them all
for me, red bears a cross.
For this obvious lack of passion
read on and seek what you won’t find
for in the end of a story told
you’ll find yourself weak.