Tyler, Vic and Me

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Hey peoplez~

Sorry about the previous journal entry it was rather short and unexplained... because I was surprised and don't know what the hell was going on. Now that I have a better idea (just a tiny tiny little bit) I'm going to write more about it.

Well, you see there's three gay/bi guys amidst our group of GLBT group of friends. When I knew these people the other two were basically going out so I felt a bit lonely (those were Vic and Tyler). But it wasn't that simple, we had many complications... Vic and Tyler had some relationship problems, and within that we had wierd crushes on each other etc. But all those times I waited and held myself back to the chances I had to get one of them, choosing a stronger friendship instead.

So I used to be reasonably good friends with Tyler, before I really got to know Vic. We flirted and enjoyed each other's company and during that time I almost forgot Vic's existence. Then I really got to know Vic better at his birthday party... and after that we became really good friends. Then what I knew was (he told me) Tyler is becoming distant in their relationships... so I tried to abstain my emotions and helped him out in ways I could. But then I figured Tyler never took things seriously, and in the end hurt Vic greatly. Soon I realised maybe Tyler wasn't the type of guy I wanted to go after because inevitably I think I would be hurt in the end. I've seen the things Tyler had done/not done which made Vic feel depressed, and I'm afraid the he will do the same things to me. It was a few days ago that Vic finally decided to break up with Tyler, believing Tyler isn't in love with him anymore. I'm surprised I'm the only three people he told, but soon others will find out anyway.

So I felt that maybe I would ask Vic out, since I thought I might've had a thing for him when our friendship was building stronger. But I never admitted it to him because I was scared the same thing would happen when I admitted to Tyler I had a crush on him when he's in a relationship with Vic, which made our friendship drifted apart. But I think Vic needs some space and time first though... I've tried my best to consolidate and give advice to him as a friend. We've developed such a great friendship through all of this, I'm just wondering if I did ask him out and he said yes, would I ultimately throw all that away in the end?

Friendship vs Relationship, always a hard one.



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wait, wait, wait!

You've been horny (excuse the language) for ty for like three or four months, and now you want to date vic just because you feel sorry for him and you feel and old crush coming back? Damn,well, looks like raining' MAXIGON is at it again...you seriously have a weird dating circle w/in your friends Max...I honestly don't know what to tell you. I wish you luck though in making a decision. Though it seems like Vic is a bit of an ass too,from what you have said about him in the past. well, I have to go write an essay for school. later


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No no no, I don't feel sorry

No no no, I don't feel sorry for Vic~ Well I do actually... but I'm not going to date him for that reason. I actually do like him... I mean I used to want Tyler and still kind of do but I saw how he is capable of hurting Vic so much I'm scared he'll do that to me in the end. Yeah, Vic can be a dick at times (LOL the pun) but I think we'd last longer together. But inevitably dating vic would put the great friendship we have built while he was with Tyler on the line... so it's all very hard.

I talked to Vic's good friend April on the phone just then... she's going 'under cover' and getting some info from Vic for me lol (no no I'm not making her telling me things Vic don't want to tell me, I'm just getting her to ask if Vic would go out with me that's all)... so yeah I'm gona check up with her tomorrow... but I have a bad feeling about this though >< I have a feeling Vic wouldn't want to threaten our friendship... but yeah, it would actually be better if we both just found someone else and could be there to support each other. Oh well, I'll see how things turn out.

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I'm not sure about this either. I think going out with vic might fuck things up with tyler. And to me it never sounded like vic was the sort you could have a relationship with. A cool friend, but it doesn't sound like that would work out. You have an old relationship with tyler which would be great to build on. Vic still has that outside thing going on
But if tyler just isn't a good guy to go out with then maybe you're right. but I can't help but think this would fulfill your semi-obsession with tyler if you went out with him. You would be missing a lot
Overall I'm not sure about vic, but I see you're point about ty. I don't have much advice, sorry. But overall I think tyler.
Hey whatever, ride on through you're maxigon of doom. I'm just waiting for you to tell me that actually tyler is dating a friend who you shagged but is in love with vic

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Quite amazingly, me and Tyler

Quite amazingly, me and Tyler are talking the first time on MSN after like 4 months (with him starting the convo). We tended to avoid each other for a while... it was an unmentioned agreement... I think he still doesn't know I know they broke up though. (well the breaking up is actually quite confusing.. I might explain it later but wtfux).

I'll wait and see how things go... lolz raining men your last statement crack me up.