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So, I woke up this morning to my mom calling me. I don't know how I managed to sleep until 8:00 today,I always, always wake up before or on 7:30. But my internal sense of time is probably off because of the fog.

But anyways, Mom wants to see me, I want to see my sister, Dad wants to see my sister. Mom dosen't want to see Dad, and my sister wants to see both of us. My mom also refuses to talk to my dad, she's been like that since she left.

It it tore me up, I asked my sister how things were, and she said yesterday was bad. And she wouldn't tell me why. She never hides things from me, I think my grandparents told her not to say anything. Because I would ask her what had happened, and she'd pause for a minute before she said anything.

I guess I want to see my mom, I really want to see my sister, but I really want my dad to see my sister too. He (obviously) misses her a lot. We haven't seen her at all in like, 2 months. I don't think she's ever been apart from me for this long.

They're going to be up here tomorrow apparently, which kind of stinks because I was hoping to talk to Sora at the same time. And as much as not seeing my sister is tearing me apart, I need to talk to her too. Though I really want to see my sister, very much. But I'm not sure if I want to see my mom. She's being so mean to my dad... At first she wouldn't let him talk to my sister, at all. And her and my grandparents (who she's living with.) are telling my sis what she can say and what she can't say.

And I'm mostly upset because Sis was and she won't tell me what happened. That's never happened before. It worries me. My grandparents have probably been telling her awful things about Dad too. Lies, they always lied about what an "awful person" my dad is. I don't understand why they hate him so much, they've always hated him. Once they were coming up and they wanted to see me, but I didn't want to see them, because Grandad had falsely accused my dad of kidnapping me, and my sister and mom. And almost got him in trouble. And I didn't want to see him because of that, so you know what he says? He says that if I didn't go see him he'd accuse my dad of kidnapping again. I mean, WTF? That was supposed to make me want to see him?

I want to help my sister, I want to know when she's upset and help her feel better like I always have. I guess it's just big sister instinct or something. (I'm like this with all of my younger friends too.) I want her to be happy I guess. And I don't want her to be forced to hide things from me. I'm sick of my mom acting the way she is. She wants me to go down there and visit her, but she won't talk to Dad, or let Dad see Sis. So I don't know.

Ugh, I'm all upset again and stuff. I just want my sister back. Or at least living nearby so I can see her. Why couldn't Mom have stayed in the area? :(