what a day.

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so I was going to watch a movie with my friend tonight, as in THE FOX AND THE HOUND cuz that movie's crazyawesome. then she calls me to say that "something came up that i have to go to. tomorrow ok?" and im like, sure why not? you're my bestest friend anyway. (no thats not sarah, its my buddy sam) oh totally off topic sam and i are formal dates. haha its a joke, but how much do i want that to be true? EVERY fucking time i fucking say it. thats ok thought, because there's this guy i wanna ask. shaddup, i know its in like, april or something BUT theres always time to dream right? anyway, back on topic. so then i get a call from my dearest darling mother, sayint that i cant have sam over tomorrow if i dont do what she asked me to. (she being the parental unit) so im like ok.
"ben" my brother. "go mail mom's package" and hes sitting there on the couch looking at me like i just asked hm to jump off a cliff. he says "no i emptied the dish washer" so i have a breakdown, screaming at him that he has to take this package because i took it last time. i get so pissed, that i just grab the thing, and walk out the door and mail it. then my mom comes home saying what a hard day of teaching she has. she teaches first grade. the little kids are SOOOOO cute!!! ok so anyway. then she says that because shes taking ben to basketball (yay he made the school team!!!) that she didnt have time to make the appitizer for the party shes going to later. she goes into school because shes not ready for monday and i call her and volunteer to make this reallllllllly yummy bread that she makes sometimes that i help with and she says ok and hangs up. so then i made the bread and listened to RENT with the volume up really loud and my doggie Chuch waddles in and looks up at me like 'what are you doing? can i have some cheeze?' because cheeze is his fav. food. and im like NO Chuch go away. and he waddles away. then i finish the bread and come and post this. oh before that i do the poll thing, and then find out some really upsetting information and almost cry. but im ok now. cheers.


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Sorry for the shitty news today. Glad you're okay

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"