Why does this room smell like urine?!

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seriously, i'm getting a whiff of it right now. it's a study/office, not a toilet! maybe the dog peed in here. i'm update you guys on the situation as it unfolds.

tomoro i have an audition for "high school musical". the local musical theatre company is putting it on, and i thought, "why not just audition? nothing wrong with that." so i called the director and put my name down for it. then he says, "are you familiar with the music, because that is what we'll be auditioning you with."


"Not really," i said. i'd seen it before, very fleetingly. so i hired it out today, and i just watched it. to tell you the truth, i'm not that big a fan of it. the music is alright, but just overall i don't dig it. i'll still go along tomoro night, but what if i get into the chorus? i'd rather be doing a show that i hate in a lead than a show that i hate in chorus. meh, whatev.


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LMAO! Maybe you peed in

LMAO! Maybe you peed in there... *raises eyebrow*


Good luck on the audition