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OMG...damn i haven't been on for like...sheesh 2 or 3 months already...i am so SORRY!!

so much has happened...long story life is fucked up!!

i'll probably write about it later in a longer entry so yeah...just hold on =)...but yeah a lil update and HI to everyone i;ve missed =)...


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You're new to me, so hi! ~

You're new to me, so hi!

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD

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Welcome back! Sorry about

Welcome back!

Sorry about that, life tends to do that.

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welcome back!!!!! hows it going with you n your friend? in the infamous words of Raven Baxter's dad on "That's So Raven," "Life is gonna get you down sometimes and that's okay. What's not okay, is when you let life keep you down." I know its lame and corny and cheesy and all that crap, but its true too. you just have to remember: people suck. ^_^ it'll turn out. ttyl! Mwah!
Love Love,
Jae Jae

"This life is yours."