you took my pen

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Yay for me! I did my presentation, everything went pretty smooth. I did end up wearing the tie etc. Gotta admit my outfit was pretty cool haha, my sister said I look like I should be in a band or something. Ok sorry my head is growing bigger by the minute, I'll stop there so I don't cringe too much when I read back on this journal hehe.

Anyway I'm feeling pretty good coz I finally talked to purple-hair girl (the chick I kinda like) in my class today.. Ok so it was like four words but you know haha I'm a shy fucker, gimme a break. Well she's cut her hair even shorter so I'm almost certain she plays for our team. After the presentations we had to fill in these forms and I had a pen and she was standing next to me penless so I say.. wait for it, "do you wanna pen?" I know, great line. She paused for a bit, takes it and says thank you. Haha I think she paused because I've never said one word to her before and she mighta been a bit surprised. I could've said I like your hair or something but that would've been a big move, maybe I'll leave that one for tommorow.. last day I'm ever going to see her. So me being the dork I am, left without my pen, and that was a pretty cool pen too. Maybe that will give her an excuse to approach me and give me my pen back.. ha highly unlikely. Oh well, at least I made some form of communication with her. Tomorrow I'll ask her to come have drinks to celebrate, she'll agree, we'll get drunk and she'll confess that she has the hots for me and we'll make out to a really awesome song. Hmm why can't real life work out great like it is in our heads?


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"do you wanna pen?" aha

"do you wanna pen?" aha sounds like something I'd say

and if tomorrow iiis the last day you'll ever see her, I say go for the drinks! If not that then at least get her msn or something.

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Yes! Great day then

Great day then hey:
-had a smooth presentation
-found out dyke look suits you (very nice)
-talked to crush

I agree, you should ask her to go out for drinks or something with you!.....Then you can tell her that you dig her! Yes, yes I think you should.

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I was never able to do presentations without getting physically ill, so I admire you for that.

I wouldn't presume to give you advice on the other situation. Even at my age, I'm still shy and goofy around guys I'm attracted to. I'll tell you one thing I've figured out from having crashed and burned a lot in the romance department. Take it sloooowwwww. My biggest crash-and-burns were always the result of my rushing in with hormones blazing. I'm not entirely certain how much I could have controlled that back then, but looking back on it now, it was definitely impatience that got me into the most trouble.

Good luck, hon. :-)

- Pat Nelson Childs

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You should make small talk,

You should make small talk, find something you have in common that would make her think you're cool, and once you're moderately comfortable ask for AIM or MSN screen name. If you're too shy for that, look her up on face book or somthing... if you have that in aust. and try to talk to her a bit.

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No sounds like a good day overall!Ask the girl for her msn or somthing..I dare ya!Sounds so cute you offering her a pen hehe

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Actually, that dykey outfit u mentioned, with the dickies and the spiky belt and the tie DID sound really HOT. and leaving ur shit with ppl ur crushing on, so u have an excuse to see them and get it back? EXCELLENT strategy, one that i've used myself a few times... not PURPOSEFULLY of course :o)

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congrats!!! (about talking to that girl, and for doing your presentation)

hey i wear a tie almost all the time,
and people are always saying "dude you look like you are in a band"
what color was your tie?
mine is black and red