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Ick I feel like such a freak! I'm having a weird day. I just started a new job and everyone is going out to a party tomorrow night and I'm invited but I'm too damn shy to go! Everyone keeps saying 'hey you have to come'.But I'm too damn shy and I'm mad at myself for that, I don't want to be all stand-off-ish and not go.But I just don't feel like I would be comfortable going and then I'll be all awkward and uncomfortable!And I don't know why i'm posting this here as it really probably doesn't have any relevance to anything.I dunno i'm such a big weirdo!


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I've learned from experience it's better to feel awkward for a few hours at a party getting to know people than feeling awkward for weeks when everyone thinks you don't like or care about them. Even though it may not be true, that's how people usually take it--good excuse or no. I hope your new job is ultra snazzy!

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i agree, i have the same

i agree, i have the same problem a lot, but if you can, make yourself go, dn't worry about what to do at the party for now. if people are telling you that you should go, then you'll be able to find people to hang out with there.

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