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Approaching the end of the year now (if you hadn't noticed). I wanna know the highlights, memorable moments and of course the shit times of everyones year. Please share!

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Winning an award in German
The girl I love telling me she loves me back
Playing Jacques in As You Like It
Coming out (Though that was a little bit in late '05 too)

Shit Times:
Moving at least once
Breaking up with a couple girlfriends
Fighting with my mom
Almost failing Math

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Great memories

Coming out to my best friend (who, strangely was the last person except my parents that I came out to) and her saying she knew, and make a great joke from V for Vendetta.
Colbert mentioning Unitarian Universalits on the Report.
Seeing the Riverwalk in San Antonio. Que bonita!
and of course:

Awful Moments

Getting a 69 on a math test
Thinking I'd killed my dog (I didn't, but I thought I did... long story)
Not placing at a debate competition
Finding out far too many girls are straight.

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Becoming completely comfortable with my status as "not straight" and coming out to everyone who needed to know
Having certain events enlighten me to where I promised myself to never keep anything important from someone I love again
Making varsity softball!
Forming a band
Discovering really great music
Gotta agree: taking back Congress!
Learning who I can truly count on

Shit Times:
Losing one of the closest people to me
C in math
Learning to love the antidepressants
Learning who I can truly count on...

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2006 was crazy... in good and bad ways

Great Things:
Falling in love for the first time
Coming out to my friends and part of the family (minus the father) :)
Being accepted
Loving my senior year
Being recruited for soccer

Not so Great Things:
Finding that 90% of the world really is straight.... big bummer
Failing more math tests than i can count
Finding out that some people can't admit their sexuality
Being dumped by the best friend/ex/whatever the hell she was

I can't decide if this year has been good or not but i definitely know i have changed.... a WHOLE lot for the better... and i can't complain about that!!!

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90%!!! Where'd you get that stat?

Honestly Jordin, I don't think that 90% of the world is really straight...I mean, that's like will ferrel in anchorman saying guys brains are larger than womens..."it's science" lol. But seriously, I think that a lot of the world is just in denial of their sexuality because of the homophobic society in which we currently live.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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Hilights: I stopped thinking

I stopped thinking I was bi and realized I'm really lesbian sometime during May.
Around the same time I fell out of love with a girl I couldn't have.
The summer, defiently, I spent most of it with my best friend.
Falling in love with her.
And then, when she told me that she returns the feelings.
Coming out. It was sort of like a quest for me. Like video games. But I make everything into a quest. XD (It's more fun that way.)
My first two Anime Conventions. That was also extremely awesome.

I think this year was a good year with some major downsides. But I don't feel like posting the negitave stuff. It'd ruin my happy mood, but, last year I was pretty depressed, and this year I've been mostly happy. Defiently a step up.

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My Lows
My gran dieing
My parents planning to split(they eventually didn't)
Having to leave my job coz my boss was threatening me(Scary shit)

My Highs
Joing this site and finally having some people in the world knowing i'm queer
Making a bunch of new friends who are really great
Getting a new and better job
Getting my place in college
All in all this year has been a complete rollercoaster of highs and lows for me....but I hope next year is less stressful
PlaMy birthday was extra great
Getting over stage fright and playing guitar in front of real people

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The good bits:
- having a fry up for breakfast the first day of the year :)
- getting all A's and A*s in my end of year exams
- getting the level i needed in my Maths SATs
- coming out to my ex-maths teacher/newfound counsellor..
- watching a film I made get played to all the school's new year 7's and their parents (and how proud my teacher was of me)
- ending what has been a fantastic but very long winded and sometimes painful relationship with my ex-girlfriend
- laying in my back garden all night in tents with 5 of my best friends in the entire world.
- riding to school on our first day of year 10 listening to The Kooks
- burning on bonfire night the load of love letters and silly things that had been holding me back for a long time.

the not so good bits:
- coming out to my parents (hah..)
- saying goodbye to two of the most amazing teachers I have ever had (one who was the biggest crush I've ever had)
- getting glandular fever! which I still haven't recovered fully from!

but i think it's been a good year. absolutely hilarious... I'll take away from it lots of things I will NEVER do again. :)

~ Bridget

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highlights: falling in

falling in love
loving english last school year
becoming co-president of the GSA
playing Cha Cha in Grease
learning the real meaning of self expression

not highlights:
falling in love
coming out to my dad (it was just awkward)
portaging canoes
bitchy girls
straight girls

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WHOO HOO! what fun!!

-passing grade 10 science
-grade 10 art class (the whole semester of it was great)
-spending two weeksat the cottage, one with just my aunt and uncle, and another with one of my best friends
-first day of school (yeah, seriously O_O)
-ummm. probably a lot of other things. oh eyah, joining my school's GSA
-finding out Luke is gay!
-telling basically all my school friends and other friends I'm gay.

Memorable moments:

-driving the boat at the cottage like, every day i was there.
-bringing my newest bestest friend to glencoe where my oldest bestest friend lives ^^
-eating godfather's pizza for the first time in AGES
-having that amazing discussion with luke, becca and amena about how luke and i are both gay.
-every day in 2nd period, cooking and baking, then eating! ^_^
-today in 2nd period, the chocolate fountain and the fruit and marshmellows
-now that she is elsewhere and can't see... kissing caitlyn...

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Good Times: -Spring

Good Times:
-Spring Play
-meeting new friends
-growing closer to old friends
-spring break!
-cool teacher
-the girl i like being okay with me liking her (in the fall)

Shit Times:
-the girl i like totally dissing me (in the spring)
-totally falling into depression (in the spring)
-seeing my mom's grave over and over again
-having a near nervous breakdown recently
-getting a 77 on that WH test...

minor stuff

"Yes! No! Oh, damn!"

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nothing iz real john

nothing iz real
john lennon
high point :
coming out
relizing i was lesbian , having preety much everyone accept me
seeing roger waters
low points : hanving my dad go to afgahnastan , my dad dying , not telling my dad i was a lesbian,

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highlights: getting really

getting really good results academically this semester
3 subject awards (top of the class)
a major arts award
music camp!
interpretive dance to "flashdance" at performing arts nite
musical theatre workshops, meeting some awesome people whilst doing what i love
all the new friends i made
being elected a house captain for 07
getting on stage

the slightly obsessive relationship i developed with mike, it fucked me around so much
2 people who i've been close to dying in the same 3 week period
the aftermath of my parents seperation
losing so many friends who graduated this year
eanting to express myself ie come out, but been too afraid to
the heartache i got from NOT coming out, the feeling of lying to everyone

it's so weird all the good things were things i did, but everything that was shit were things that just happened, u know?

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My highlights!

Ohhhh the highlight of my year would be the 3 second kiss with my boyfriend and walking by my conservative classmates while holding hands!

Take Me or Leave Me

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good things: -finally came

good things:
-finally came out to mom
-fun parties
-made some cool friends
-listened to some nice music
-got my nose pierced

bad things:
-got kicked out by my mom
-gf (whom I thought actually loved me) broke up with me
-dumbass gf after that
-grandmother died yesterday

I pretty much did not like this year.

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the best thing: I started

the best thing:
I started the organization of a queer community at my university.

this stands out.

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I Am Out, Therefore I Am. (Okay, mostly.)

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I came out to all of my friends and everyone in my family and everyone took it really well :D
i party alot met new fun ppl
went out to Benidorm good times good times
got my lip pierced
got a tattoo
falling in love
brake ups
meeting girls
met a mental girl, finally she leves me alone!
act in 2 moves
act in a music-videao
meeting my wonderfull friends
got in the natunal hockey team
seeing my crush everyday at work, aww she is sooo amazing :D:D
playing on my guitar

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Highlights: Studying like

Studying like crazy for an AP test, and doing well.
Seeing my most favourite band live – twice.
Vacation in Arcadia National Park.
My writing teacher (who I respect enormously) telling me he thought I had a good chance at winning the O. Henry Prize (I didn't, but just that was enough).
Splitting with a former friend who was nasty and controlling.

Most academic stuff.
Feeling isolated almost all year 'round.
Finding out what my parents want from me (and knowing I can never do it).
Losing my driving force.
Being generally depressed.
My asthma is back in full force (I really didn't miss carrying an inhaler around).
Deaths in the family.

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