a day once treasured, but now means nothing...

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Sigh...today is the day we would've made 4 months....but instead it's the day that we make a month from our break up...blah...when i woke up this morning, it didn't hit me until i was washing dishes before leaving to go to the bus stop...it was like a...idk...but it was like BAM "it's been a month since she went out of my life"...

...funny thing was that when i turned on my music to go walk to the bus stop, the one song that i like but hate at the same time and reminds me of her came on...it was weird and funnie...it's called "Just Can't Say Goodbye"...it goes like this;

"i can't imagine my life without you
what would i do if your not here
i can't believe how the time just pass by
did i tell you i love you before goodbye
when i close my eyes
i thank god we have tomorrow
and i pray to the heaven
for the strength to fight the sorrow (fight the sorrow)
can't say good bye (can't say good bye)
it's too hard and i love you so much..."

yup...that's the song...idk the artist...sigh i was lying down a little while ago listening to the song and i started crying...fuck...lol i felt so weak and hopeless...i would've saw her today, she called to see if she could pick up the money today but i guess changed her mind...so she said she'll probably pick it up when i work tomorrow...UGH god...i have to wait again...i hate having to know that i still have to see her, wondering what's gonna happen and stuff...uh but good thing it's gonna be at work 'cause i'll have my other coworker with me, so she'll probably not stay like last time... =)


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im sorry sweetie. but look at it this way, she wasnt good enough for you (how DARE she dump YOU!! OH! THE HORROR!!!!!) so now you have me ^_^. *kisses on lips* mchwa!
Love Love,
Jae Jae

"This life is yours."

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well, look at it this way:

Now you can move on to someone better! oh, and I think Bratalamay might be availible...lol

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