a new girlfriend

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Remember how I was all obsessed about that girl, waiting for her to write me back?

We're going out now.

As of today.

We talked on the phone for, like, 2 hours. She's so amazing. She's like my clone. I'm so happy.


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thats awesome...congrats

thats awesome...congrats

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hi i have lost my mind

hi i have lost my mind somewhere, but if you leave my name adn your sexual fantasies, i'll get back to you about your problem

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sry that below was my

sry that below was my signatuer i pressed enter beofre i worte

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That's awesome. My

That's awesome. My girlfriend is like a clone of me too. We're getting to the point where we have our own language. (It's English that makes NO sense unless you're us. Haha.) Good luck to you. :3

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yay, you go girl hugs, luck,

yay, you go girl

hugs, luck, and peace

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Congrats, gurl! im so happy for u. so what does she look like? whats her personality like? is she younger, older, etc.?

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hey ........good for u!!

Hey gr8 to hear u guyz r happy n all.............. GOODLUCK TO YOU!!!........

so tell us more about her ...........

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Ewwww, dating you're clone
Actually I'm glad. Congrats, etc. You lcuky bastard

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Well thats good to hear, I'm

Well thats good to hear, I'm glad you're happy. Are you gonna tell us about her, or just leave us to wonder for countless ages? hahaha. But seriously, what's she like?