A quest for the elusive Wii! Among other things.

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Wii're going to try to buy the Wii tomorrow morning. Where I'm getting it, or hoping to get it, is confidential information. By the wiimote chance that you might happen to live in the same area as I do. XD Wiish me luck. =D

Anyways, I went to an Anime Club today. It was awesome. Some girl brought this anime where this guy gets flushed down a toilet and ends up in another dimension.

And, like, some high percentage of the charecters are gay.

Does anyone else find it strange when you're watching videos on youtube, like Loveless or Gravitation, that really ARE gay and someone comments on the video "This anime is gay." And it's like, yeah thanks for stating the blantantly obvious. I'm sure that they're trying to be funny, but it comes off as stupid. XD Oh well.

Well, hopefully I'll get the Wii tomorrow. If I do you'll know by my lack-of-posting for the next few days or something. XD. Or mabye I'll write a really short journal.

But, I plan on getting up at 5 in the morning. When I've been waking up at 7:30 recently since winter makes me sleepy. So good night.


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Y'know what? Homosexuality

Y'know what? Homosexuality is gay.

But yeah, a lot of those dumb comments on youtube annoy me. ^.^

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