Any one a furry?

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Is any one a furry here? What is a furry? There are three types of typical furry people.
One: Some one who feels that they have an animal sprit with in them and guiding them.

Two: Someone who likes to dress the part of an animal such as a rabbit costume or a wolf costume.

Three:Someone who likes number two above and have sex with them or wants to have sex with a anime type person, art or real.

Who is and who isnt?

I am a fox my self, I see fox's on a daily basis, and feel that the fox is my sprite or guide in life. How about you?

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nothing iz real john

nothing iz real
john lennon
AAre you talking bout power/totem animals ?

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mostly yes

Totem animal guide or the like, is mostly correct. That is how some feel they are a furry. Others have the animal spirit guide their day to day life. Some take it very seriously others do not.
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Oh, I think I may know what

Oh, I think I may know what you're talking about. They had an episode about it on CSI where this guy dressed as a giant racoon and went to a convention with other people dressed in giant animal costumes. They did things, such as scritching (grooming) and yiffing (humping). It sounds....interesting, if you're into that stuff.

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hehe I saw that episode too.

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ha ha, I did too...

It was a guy in a cat suit...weird ass episode, and I hate that show anyways...

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I'm just picturing some 15 year old kid standing there in a bunny suit in his living room:

"Mom, Dad...I have something to tell you." ROFLMAO

Oh hell, I guess it's not any more ridiculous than any of the other fetishes that people get into in order to escape from reality, and it's all fine and dandy. I personally find fetishes fun sometimes (NO, not the bunny suit), but I know so many people that are so caught up in these fantasy "scenes" and take them so seriously, and I can't help but think that this must somehow be unhealthy for their psyches. But I guess as long as they aren't hurting anyone (except possibly themselves), I say chacun à son goût (each to his own taste).

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Ah ah

"Mom dad this my friend Frank. He says the world will end in 28 days, 6 hours, 47 minutes and 12 seconds"

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I wonder if Donnie and Frank

I wonder if Donnie and Frank ever yiffed out on the golf course. That wasn't in the Director's Cut.

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Hey, you make it sound like it's a bad thing to like to dress up as a bunny wabbit...
and yes i do believe i have a spirit quide.... but its a flaming bunny wabbit

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I am definitely a cat! ^^

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I've heard about this, i've seen a documentary about it on TV.
i found it a little unsettling... but hey, fetishes generally are considered odd by the general public, and pretty much anyone whos not particularly into that fetish. As long as the activity in question is completely consensual by all participants, I guess that dressing up as animals and having sex is fine... as long as those people arent into REAL animals (aka, bestiality), cuz that is not only gross, but is also cruelty against animals cuz they cant consent to anything. hmmm. what a wierd, crazy topic....
i guess i can kinda understand how the whole IDEA of imitating an animal can be exciting... i mean when im fooling around with a girl, sometimes we kind of roll around like puppies, the way they play-fight and nibble eachother... but we dont need to DRESS-UP as them or anything! that would be awkward....

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no not with the animals

Not the real ones any way that is Zooaphilia or beastiality...that is not what was refered to here. Only the three types above. The spirit guide or totem type, the costume for fun type or the sexual fetish type.
I was just wondering if any one here is in to that type of thing.
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that of common sense.

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no furry here.

I'm a total myspace whore (and by whore, I mean I use it to sleep with people, I'm not on it often), so ADD ME AS A FRIEND

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lol just look at my name ^-^

lol just look at my name ^-^ im very furry

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I had a friend who was a

I had a friend who was a furry, amazingly that is what got him kicked out of the military; considering how much of a flammer he was.

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He got kicked out for being

He got kicked out for being a furry? that's funny in a bad way. Hell for being gay my best friend who's in AIT for the army right now rooms with/good friends with an open gay guy.

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If anyone's ever read the comic book series Fables

I have the biggest crush on Bigby , who's the big bad wolf from the faerie tales

Although he's morphed into human form in the comic (his father was the north wind, which is why he could do all the huffing and puffing thing in the three little pigs, and his mother was a wolf.)

He's an uber hot, uber hairy bear in the comic book, which is right up my alley.
I'm still not sure if having a crush on the big bad wolf makes me a furry =)

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lol well, I once knew this guy...

So yea. Got a neat story 'bout this one. So, last year I met a guy. He was in my science class. We hang out a bit and he comes out to me as a bi fur. He was kinda cute, but had a girlfriend into that sorta thing, so I was *meh*. After a funny and cool series of events, we are fooling around every second alone we have. (At the lake near my house... school bathroom... ) Anyway, I would have wanted to seriously date him, but he was moving back to Newfoundland, and yea... Aparently, when I told him after that I would have dated him, he was kinda suprised, but said he would have, too. But *meh* shit happens. I kinda miss him, but we've kinda drifted apart, seeing as he rarely gets online. Meh, that's life. We talk still, and I'm glad... *ahem* anyway, he was a furry. I had never even hear of furries before him. lol I have no problem with fetishes as long as it isn't a physically dangerous one. So yea... There's my contribution...

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No yiffing for me.

UNECESSARY FACT: Yiffing is the noise that foxes make when they have sex.
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If having a crush on Shadow the Hedgehog counts as being a furry, my dear friend is very much a furry. We mostly dismiss her as being amazingly, aweseomly quirky, though. ^.^

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I am a furry, I suppose, but I don't get the fur suits. And anyone who bases all of their ideas on a fetish from a CSI episode, are silly. The fandom is very diverse and fur suiters play their part. But thats the end of my little rant.


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Oh, I just remembered

Oh, I just remembered something.

When I was growing up from my toddler years to about the age of seven, I seriously believed I was a dog in a former life. I don't know the reason why, but I just did. My parents said when I was old enough to crawl I'd go outside and eat dogfood out of the tray with our two dogs. I'd spend hours with Sparky and Killer, talking to them and sitting with them in their dog house. I even drew pictures that I put in their dog house. When people asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I'd say a dog (and I seriously believed it was possible, too). I had adapted some animal behaviors like breathing with my mouth open when it was hot or if I ran too much. I scratched my head in an odd fashion. I even whimpered when I was sad or was hit. I did all that until I was ten, until my brother yelled at me for every animal-like action I did. I was forced out of my behavior, even though I still whimper sometimes.

So, I don't know if I would be considered a fury, but hey, there's the info you need to decide if I am or not. Perhaps I was once a fury. Who knows.

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Yep, I consider myself a

Yep, I consider myself a furry. Not into the whole fursuiting thing at all, though . . . I think it looks pretty ridiculous . . . I don't see how dressing in the equivalent of a mascot costume makes you anything remotely like the anthropomorphic animals that are the basis of the whole thing. But then again, there are crazier people out there. But yeah. *raises hand* I'm a furry.

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You know that feeling of being uncomfortable in your own skin? Yeah, I get that for species instead of gender.

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