anybody know?/?

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blah...i'm tired & bored...i want to read something...i was trying to look for books or something that i could read online but can't find any of the GLBT nature...suckie...i would go to the library but i have like...NO time to go since i'm working damn...i was thinking of going tomorrow after school but then i remembered that i work after school to 9 and i am so NOT looking forward to that. so yeah does anyone know where i can read a book or something online...for free? lol


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can't help you there.

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Darn, I can't recommend my

Darn, I can't recommend my book since you're looking for something free. There is a site called Gay Authors. It has stories by, you guessed it, gay authors on it. I really haven't read any of them, so I don't know whether to recommend it or not, but you n might want to check it out and see for yourself. It's at

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