Anyone else get socks??

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Hmm Chtistmas has sucked I must say. I'm not sure if its my own fault that it sucked so much...but to be honest I couldn't even pretend that I was happy. The whole build up to it was great. Christmas eve was fun, even this morning when I got up I was all happy and excited, I think its when we opened our pressies things went downhill. Now I know that its the thought that counts.....but how much thought goes into buying someone socks? Yes I said socks, my parents bought me socks for Christmas and a cd I already own. Not only that but they thought I would be excited about them. I didn't even want anthing huge, they asked me what I wanted and I told them the name of an album I really wanted and they told me yesterday that they had gotten it, but obviously not. I was so crushed. They got my sister a cool present and when I opened mine she was like"socks" what did you do wrong this year?? I tried to brush the whole thing off but the more teasing that was done the more introverted and quiet I became, and basicallythe more down I felt.
Then my sister opened the card that my parents wrote to her and her boyfriend and I was taking a look at it, and my mam says now I couldn't get you one like that because you don't have a partner. It just made me want to cry! I probably sound like a whingy spoilt brat here, but I just felt hurt. I'm not sure if I got such a dodgy present because of lack of thought on my parents behalf or because they know so little about me that it seemed like a good idea. Either way i'm finding it a bit depressing.
Then it seemed like national gay bashing day at my house. So many things seemed to come back to a homophobic joke....then my sister kept asking me about one of my friends she thinks is gay (I think she is too) and it was annoying me. I was just thinking who gives a fuck its none of your business!!
Ok I'm going to finish this entry on a positive note though. My Christmas clothes rocked. I got cool baggy jeans, a pair of converse, a sort of tight top with a blue/green design....and wait for it... a tie to match the top.Ok so I've given a poor description but I really loved it.Especially the tie because I really like wearing them from time to time. Anyways i'm done venting. Goodnight and I hope no one else got socks.


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i got socks, but then

i got socks, but then again...i asked for socks, so...

and no, you're not sounding like a whiny brat, it sounds like your parents didn't really want to put a lot of effort into your presents. i'm sorry. will a christmas hug make it better?


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Haha, I got socks too1! XDD

Haha, I got socks too1! XDD Good ones, too. xD Nice Lol. I also got this kick ass amp. <33


PS. Merry Christmas, I'm sorry it didn't turn out quite the way you'd like it to.

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I didn't get socks..

..but the sad thing is--I need them.

Oh-so badly do I need socks that aren't filled with holes.

Socks that aren't by themselves.

But I got a bow tie so that made up for it :)

Sorry that your Christmas wasn't as good as it should've been.


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Aw, I'm sorry, that's definitely not groovy. You're not sounding whiny at all...I actually "awwwed" out loud reading this. I hope after-Christmas is better!

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Oh, I'm sorry. But I must confess that, yes, I got socks. Multiple pairs in random colors. However, I am envious even of your description on the matching tie.
And no, I don't think you sound whiny.

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Oh my gosh, I love socks! I

Oh my gosh, I love socks! I was disappointed that I didn't get more XD But I'm a freak and I go insane over awesome socks with pretty designs and cartoon animals on them. Freakin' yes, I got Chilly Willy socks from my sister!!!

But, you don't seem to share my enthusiasm for socks (unless they got you plain normal socks), but I'm sorry. I think maybe your parents don't know much to have gotten something you really wanted. Maybe you were to vague? But it's not your fault. Doesn't sound like "Santa" is doing his job right.

I'm sorry your Christmas wasn't as joyful, but you still had fun, right? Concentrate on that. And, if you want to cheer up, then make sock puppets out of the socks they gave you! Maybe that'll be more entertaining XD

Your outfit sounds great. Awesome. I wish I could see it. Have fun with it! Yay!!!

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD

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I got socks too!!!But they rock!Sorry thats probably not helping.I got some clothes too but that was probably the best thing I got, most of the stuff my parental units got me had no thought and came from the dollar store, but on a brighter not i got $50!!!!!Here comes the mall!hhhmmm...I think I'll get an outfit with a tie.Thnx for the idea:)

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Sorry about the socks,

Sorry about the socks, ghost. I feel your pain. It sucks to feel like an afterthought, especially on Christmas. I'm sure that wasn't their intention. Next year I would make them a list, with five or six very specific things on it, any of which would make you very happy, and give it to them well before Christmas. The sad truth is, parents often do not know their kids very well, especially at your age. I'm sure they would love the chance to give you something you really want and would enjoy.

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No! I was really dissapointed. I love socks. :-( lol. Family can suck at times but you have to love them. You could always try talking to them about it. Its okay to complain everybody needs to once in a while. Im sorry it sucked for you, maybe next year will be better for you :-)

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Aw dude! Christmas is over rated. I didn't get socks but I got a whole heap of undies hehe. A cd you already own.. that is pretty bad, oh well what can you do? Parents kinda suck at present giving but I still put on my happy face when they gave me a mug this year. It was 'let's laugh at homos' day at my house too.. but hey the clothes you got sound hot :]