Be Thankful.

808Chik's picture i am entry hog lol...sorrie...i'm just in the mood to write. well i've wrote these awhile ago but yeah...wanted to share, so this is ANOTHER of my poems...enjoy!

[Title]; Be Thankful
[Written]; October 13, 2005

as the pain in my heart
begins to throb
i wonder how god
could rob me of this peace
why is it so hard to deal with the pain
when it is so easily given?

how can i go on
when this ache in my heart
is holding me back
but i relaize
that love is to be discovered
and before you find it
you have to learn how to deal with it
you may regret and hate
but as time goes by
and the lesson is learned
all you can be is thankful...


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wow. *stares amazedly into space with jaw dropped*

"This life is yours."