believe in yourself

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things get better, they get worse, but then they will always get better.
my gf has been like making out with her ex bf, i don't get it. I love her and all, but i don't think she's ready to date a girl yet. I sent her a message telling her to choose what she wants, to decide if she really is ready for a girlfriend yet, not sure if that was a bad idea, thinking it was actually but everything happens for a reason right. This girl called me out of the blue last night and called me though, and it was wierd. We met a while ago at a dance, and talked a little, but i mean, it surprised me. She is bi or lez, not sure which one, but she's awesome. I like her, she's nice. anyways, she called me, and we've been talking, and she just broke up with her gf and idk what's going on between me and mine right now, but whatever, and we are really getting along. It is funny because we both have the same favorite show and favorite song, which a lot of people around here haven't heard of or seen ya know, i love it. so, things are getting good, and bad, but i know they will get really good soon.
don't lose hope, always believe in yourself


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Sounds like maybe you should

Sounds like maybe you should start talking to the girl who actually cares about you, ne? but don't be too hard on your current girlfriend, though... it sounds like she's going through a tough time, also.

Be yourself. Because if you're busy being someone else, then who's gonna be you?