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blah...god i went to sleep at about 4:45 am and got up at 6:30...super it is 10:22 am and i'm supposed to go to this military thingy with my family...i so DO NOT want to go...i hate doing anything with my family besides with my dad but with everyone else is just a waste.

sigh i have so much too do; homework, clean house...ah damn i was supposed to contact my boss because my stupid paycheck bounced and i don't think it's fair that i have to pay the stupid fee for it but the store is closed...shiit i guess i have to talk to them tomorrow 'cause i work with them from 2 to 9...i HATE working with them, they're really picky and anal about so much things it's so hard to get things done...but at least it gets me hours...and hopefully the check we're supposed to get soon doesn't bounce AGAIn...fuck i need a new job!!

this is more like a venting journal lol...i'd be surprised you make it down here...i'm in a PMS mood, so my day should be FUN =p lol...ahhhh it's one of those "i don't give a shiit, but if you so bother me i'm gonna bite your head off" kind of mood too...blah okie idk i'll probably write about how the thingy goes later...