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I'm at my parent's place in the sticks right now since it's nearly Christmas and all that stuff. Not too keen on the holidays this year.. I think it's becoming less significant to me every year now, but I don't think that's bad. I don't really like it here, people are so red neckish and closed-minded and if you look slightly different to the norm, you get weird looks, not that I care that much.. it just becomes annoying. It's so different to the city where I live so I sort of can't wait to get back home.

How cool is it typing on a laptop keyboard? It might just be me but it motivates me to type more. I feel all writer like.. ok I'll stop being nerdy now. Oh so last night back home, we went out to that semi-gay bar place that I went to once before. This time I'd had a bit to drink since I didn't have to drive. The majority of the crowd seemed straight but I picked out a few queer chicks. There was this one girl with short black hair who was sitting at the table near us, me and Tim agreed she was really cute and seemed gay. Arr I so wanted to talk to her.. except I've never been the one to approach someone and plus it wasn't like she was on her own. She turned around a few times and I kinda smiled at her (probably looked like an idiot) but I don't know if she saw. So as I was trying to pluck up the courage to go over, she and her friend decided to move. Tim was telling me to shut up because I was saying 'Aw don't leave' a little too loud. I'm pretty sure they didn't hear though (that could've been awkward). So the rest of the night was me regretting not talking to her. But the thing is.. how do you know for sure that someone is gay? Unless you're at a gay bar. Do straight people get all weird if you hit on them? I mean the other girl I saw with a shaved head ended up being the girlfriend of the guy in the band playing that night. *sigh* I need to dyke it up even more so girls approach me.. that would make things a lot easier. If anyone is a pro at picking up cute people in bars, some tips would be appreciated hehe.

Um just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope you all survive the 'Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?' conversations and all the other shit on top of that. Cheers to Oasis kids, you guys are so awesome, you've helped me get through this year without losing it completely hehe. Sorry, it's late and the music I'm listening to right now is making me all sappy and all that stuff. Have a good one guys.


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i agree, the holidays used

i agree, the holidays used to be this big deal, and now its just kind of whatever. teehee i love laptop keyboards, they make me happy!!! no girlfriend, all the girls at my school are "straight". at least for now. teehee.
make love not war . . . . or be abstinent and bomb everybody!!!!
also, happy holidays!!!!!!!

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I look into your eyes and

I look into your eyes
and see that your colors changing
I wish that I could change with you
and when you said forever did you mean it to be true?
or was it another tale from you?

Holidays are a drag. It would be easier if everybody wore a pride bracelet so you could tell right away but the world isn't perfect.

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you big dork with your laptop! Lol just kidding i'm typing on one also.I agree with the comment above, we should all just wear pride braclets then things would be clearer, everyone should get one free when they come out haha.Anyways have a good xmas.

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