chiks in uniforms are

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*YAWN* lol...i am tired...i went with my dad, auntie, uncle, & their 2 kids to the Air Force was sorta a family kids day thing i guess lol...all i know was that there was a lot of kids games and stuff. it was alrite watched the 2 kids play games and took a tour in a couple of airplanes...the C-17 was cool!! lol i'm not much into planes 'cause of my whole scared of heights thingy but damn the plane was huge and it was pretty cool inside...other than was boring lol.

i saw a girl that's in my japanese class...she's cute but straight as an arrow lol...i saw a lot of tomboyish girls but they all looked really young like in elementary still haha...i wasn't looking at people...i was practically sleep walking the whole time =p...idk if my so-called gaydar was working right...maybe it was down 'cause i was tired but this one chik gave off signals...we were standing by one of the air guard patrol planes and i happened to look at her 'cause the lady she was talking to was talking kinda loud lol and i tend to eavesdrop sometimes and when i looked at her, she look right at me...and BAM connection lol.

nah nah jus joke...but we made eye contact and my "gaydar" went off...she was cute...especially in uniform mMm lol...haha =X...i wanted to stick around a little while, you know, ask questions lol...but no the kids wanted to go look at the other plane, so i HAD to go with them plus just in case my auntie them suspect anything...blah...damn

well...that was my morning/afternoon...sigh...


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wait a second.....

you speak japanese, and you NEVER EVEN TOLD ME?????? im HURT *leaves in huff* lol jk. to tell the truth, i've never been very fond of men/women in uniforms......jeans and t-shirt is more my style. anyway, that sounds like a fun day. hope it was. *kisses* luv ya!
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