Christmas update

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Been ages since I last posted. Ish. Anyway, Christmas has been fairly fun. Didn't go out Christmas Eve due to lack of funds, but there we go. I doubt I'll go out New Years Eve either for the same reason, I don't get paid until Jan 5th.

Quite frankly I'm so bored right now. I need some gay friends! There's no gay people! No nice ones anyway. And the nearest gay bar is like 45 minutes away by bus (and costs like £30 ($60) to get back by taxi after midnight). Or London, which is a £15 train ride. And Kirsty is like the only person hardcore enough to do that, and she keeps going back to university. Might go New Years Day actually, if I have enough money left, my dad gave me £80 for Christmas, although only £60 is left.

Speaking of my dad, my sister said she spoke to my dad's wife about the whole gay thing, and apparently he's said that he "doesn't believe it". I mean what the fuck. Honestly, straight men are so *grr*. Also, I had my first conversation with my sister about the whole gay thing and things are a little more open there now. She was a bit more ignorant than I had expected. I mean she doesn't care or anything, but she was like, "it was Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve." Which happens to be the most cliche argument in the book and isn't generally meant by the people who use it as a reference to the biblical couple, but rather the biological normality of a male-female relationship which is the more easily argued against fact. But I didn't go into that with her. Anyway after that convo things are a little easier so that was nice.

I got some nice things for Christmas, including a new pair of jeans and sweatshirt I also got money as I said before, a mobile phone, some gift vouchers for River Island, some smellies and chocolates \o/

P.S. Love the new site design :-)

Here's hoping 2007 is great for everyone!