competely distracted

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so i just spent my entire final exam completely distracted. i ran into the girl i like just before it started, and the whole time during the test i had mental images of her with chris pureka songs running through my head. really, when i fall, i fall so hard it's not even funny. it was all i could do to just finish the damn thing. i was reading questions 4 and 5 times over. my knees literally go weak. that's all, just thought i'd share...


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thats so cute!

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I agree with ghost: It's so

I agree with ghost: It's so Cute!!!!

It's adorable!


My gosh, you've fallen for her so hard, but it's the cutest thing ever! Sorry, I might also add it's just so ooey gooey! Lol. Btw, were the Rated XXX images running through your head? XD Just playing with you.

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD

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awww, muffin!

poor baby... :o) i know what u mean in terms of distraction... i am SO easily distracted. Like, last yr i was writing an exam and the profs' assistant was this really boyish girl... i didnt know her but had seen her around campus before, and shes pretty obviously gay... and CUTE. so attractive. i was sitting in the front, centre of the lecture hall and she was practically in front of me the whole test. It was awkward. and pretty hilarious...
good luck with ur crush, again... don't be shy, girl! i know its hard when u really like someone... but make sure u get ur feelings across, no matter how subtly. she needs to know how into her u are... u dont wanna have her go and hook up with some other girl tomorrow, and ull be kicking urself wondering "what if"...
go for it! :o)