Contraceptives and consternation

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Awkward moment: Commenting to your crush that you have so much random crap in your pockets you need to clean out.
More Awkward: Crush reaches in your pocket jokingly and retrieves the condom you received for World AIDS Day.
Even More Awkward: You're 15.
Clincher: You're both girls.

At our GSA today, our very fabulously gay president, Dani, led the introductions, but then when it was the turn of our advisor, Mr. J., to give his name, sign, and age, he got us on track with the significance of today to the community. He read some sobering statistics on AIDS from the paper, new as of November of this year. Mr. J. is gay, so he told us some stories about people he knew with HIV, and friends of his who had died from AIDS. But then he went on to ask, "But is AIDS just a gay disease? Is that true?"

Everyone: (variations of "no")
Dani: Come on now. Is it true, or is it a load of crap!
Everyone: Not true, no.
Dani: Come on, everyone, say it with me! Load of CRAP!
Everyone: LOAD OF CRAP!
Margot (our VP): Gays fight back!

Once upon a time I had a discussion with a notorious, skilled but conservative debater named Luke. It was basically about gay rights, and Luke said that there was a higher rate of disease amongst homosexual people. The whole thing culminated in me screaming about how lesbians would have a really hard time giving each other AIDS, almost elaborating on the few circumstances that would make it possible, but thankfully cutting myself off.

On another note, I've lurked on this site for about--a year and a half?--and I'm just now coming around to posting about my happy queer little life. So...hi everyone!


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Well hi then. Nice name
Hey can't be that embarrassing - it is worldAIDS day a lot of people are going to get them.
And yeah that is ever the case. gay men have much higher disease rates, but lesbians have the lowest. Everyone forgets them on these days. I suppose it would kinda weaken the whole sobering effect

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Hi welcome

your GSA situation seems almost comical. (I mean, it's a serious topic, but just the cheer-leading style seems comical to me.)

At my queer student association, we were discussing the relation between AIDS and gay people, and had some disagreement. Like, I would have liked to do something for World AIDS Day, (e.g. participate at a silent march with the group), but someone else was really against it, arguing that if we do that, we just reinforce the association of gay with AIDS, which he wants to get away from.

Nice that you shared something from your happy queer little life :-)

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Gay & Straight & AIDS

The "AIDS is a Gay disease" doesn't really hurt gays that much, except for the discrimination of course. The people it really hurts are the straights. I've heard quite a few straight girls- MEDICAL STUDENTS- who have said things like "I know my boyfriend hasn't slept with men or used IV drugs, so I don't really worry about using a condom."

This myth needs to be killed among the straights for their own good.

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One of the reasons that the myth persists is not because of descrimination, but because the gay community was the ONLY one that actually did anything about the problem for years. We owned it then because no one else stepped forward. A combination of that plus ignorance is why so many straights think they're safe. The exploding statistics in the straight community indicates that it's time for THEM to step up and face reality. Otherwise, even with all our advanced medicine, AIDS may just overrun this country like it's doing in the rest of the world. WAKE UP STRAIGHT PEOPLE!

- Pat Nelson Childs

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hola, welcome to the sight,

hola, welcome to the sight, glad you decided to post something.
btw, your username makes me sad in a good/nesscary way. idk if that makes any sense.

hugs, luck, and peace

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