Disheartened Disorder

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Here, I’m open to paraphrasing
As we open our eyes, minds and hearts
To the falling stars we wish upon.
Watch the blinding lights as they plunge,
Reducing us to ashes on high.
To a time without an end,
To wounded rags and damaged homes,
To forgotten children, lost and cold –
This one is for you.

So here we are, after all we told
Distance, childish and elderly
And careless words, disheartened!
In this world of chaos and disorder
From the rooftops scaled,
The pages left unfurled –
The hands laying forgotten.
The talents we know
Fed by flames, disengaged and maintained.

Through the eyes of severed possibility –
What lies in that frame,
Damaged by the figures in principle.
Here in a world heavy on turmoil
The cult of so many odds and evens,
We live beside that which is right
Where the tireless lay down to sleep.
Industrious industry falling to the harmless –
The children, they’re children
Who repeat what figures speak.

Heavy on humanity, heavy on disorder,
To the fifth wheel binding
the tortured calm in our sleep.
My burden is knowing
my words don’t reach hearts.
The songs burning, upend memory
To the sounds of the world passing me by.
Though the best of us are now quiet
Time strains more, so logically
In an era that brings about no end.


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you have a talent for words... this is beautiful...

keep it up! :)

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You know, I'm not much for

You know, I'm not much for commenting or critiqing other poetry, (and I certainly make no promises as to my ability to spell.) I much more believe that poetry is meant to come from the heart. (Can you say improv.?) However, this one somewhat struck me as odd. I'm at a loss as to what you are really saying. It seems as though you have a rather clashing veiw on reality, or perhaps humanity. I rather enjoyed the falling star referance. However, one thing I may offer that I am quite certain: you are a good poet, and have a gift with words... I'm sure the poetic community will have their eyes on you.

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