Do Females Go Into Heat?

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I heard of female animals going into heat, but do human females do too?

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Well human females do have a

Well human females do have a reproductive cycle, followed by everybody's favorite period, aptly named the period. However, female humans remain fertile year round, whereas with many animals, it's strictly a seasonal thing. In fact, some animals are only fertile for a few hours per year. I imagine many an unpleasantly surprised human female wishes that were so for us as well, but evolutionwise, it's a good thing.

If you're talking about getting horny at a particular time, I've read that some women get especially "in the mood" right around ovulation time, but with so much else competing for their attention in this busy world, I doubt that you could say that that's true with any general certainty. As I am neither a scientist nor a female, that's about the best answer I can come up with.

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Not heat but something......

In my opinion and has nothing to do with science I don't go into heat but I have moments when my hormones shoot off like wild and I get emotional, angry, and yes even horny. I wouldn't say it is like when animals go into heat because I cant time the moments it might happen. Well there is my honest opinion....