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Okay, so, Sora came over today right? her sisters tagged along. Figures. So I still didn't get the chance to kiss her. It figures.

I don't really get to see her much on weekdays, so I'm going to have to wait an entire week probably before I get another chance. An entire week with that "conversation" stuck in my head.

Just great.

(If you didn't read the previous journal entry, the "conversation" Sora and I had was like this:
Sora:"How long have we been together?"
Me:"About three weeks."
Long pause
Sora: "And we haven't kissed yet."

I mean, there's nothing wrong with Soras sisters, (obviously or I would have told them no.) but. I was kind of looking forward to time with Sora alone today. And it would be weird if I told them no. Because then they'd want me to explain. And Sora and I sort of haven't exactly told anyone about our relationship status... (Though people keep guessing/ joking at it.)

We barley even talk about it ourselves, because I always feel like she's going to freak out or something. ._. That whole day after I told her felt sort of surreal.

Figures. It just totally figures. I always feel like I'm waiting for something, and then when I get the chance I totally miss it. It's annoying.

Oh well. I'll try not to be too impatient. Heh.

I'll quit complaining now. >_>'


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i wish you patience, and

i wish you patience, and possibly stealth and cunning to set up a "secret" time to see her/ sneak over to her house? lol, don't worry, you'll get your kiss.

hugs, luck, and peace

I lost two cities, lovely ones. And, vaster,
some realms I owned, two rivers, a continent.
I miss them, but it wasn't a disaster.

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Just wanted to say

Just wanted to say I enjoy reading your post. I am a teen drama fan meaning I watch one tree hill, used to watch dawson's creek. Ever thought about writing a story based on your life and all?