General informaton on Svernlguerre

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The Generally Known History of Svernlguerre

Many eons ago, Svernlguerre was divided into thousands of city states, all at war and peace with each other, some ruled by man, others by dragons. Although conflict was eternal, most of the peoples of the land were content with their daily lives, though some dreamed of greatness, either through dominion or through the creation of a utopia. Then, out of the expansive desert to the east, a great evil appeared, and took power over all of the land. The evil forces used the power of souls, all those past, present and future, to give them special prowess in their fields, whether it was battle, stealth, or magic. No mortal force could oppose them, and even dragons found themselves unable to hold back the encroaching hordes. Many, both fleshed and scaled, were slaughtered as they fought to protect their homelands. These dire opponents from afar became known as The Great Taint.

Then, when it looked like the fate of Svernlguerre was to be set in stone, a desperate band formed, discarding their differences, to make one final stand. The group was led by an alliance of one of each of the eight true dragon races, and one of each of the eight major humanoid races. Each brought their special charecteristics to the table to form an unbeatable strategy of might and cleverness, staunchness and flexibility. By working together, they surprised the dark forces by out-planning, out-muscling, and overpowering them. The battle lasted for days, but the enemy from the far east collapsed.

While all were pleased with the victory, not everyone agreed on what was the next step. Some wished to return to life as it had been before the coming of The Great Taint, others wished to unite and form a large kingdom strong enough to stand up to another invasion whoever it may be. All agreed, however, that soul magic was to be banned, and all users of such dark arts hunted down.

Svernlguerre at the Present

Currently, Svernlguerre comprises many city states, isolated villages and tribal lands surrounding a larger unified area known as Islozwals. While many cities exist, Islozwals is by far the larges and most affluent. All of the smaller lands that are greatly populated are ruled mostly by humanoid races ("fleshes"), and the more wild and less advanced areas will have roaming or stationary tribes, ruled by whoever holds the martial power. Dragons and draconic races ("scales") live mostly in their natural habitats surrounding Svernlguerre (forming an outer wall, and also enabling them to have their own spheres of influence), but a large minority live in fleshed territories, often acting as a ruler, minister, advisor, teacher, or (in the case of the more chaotic and/or evil ones) ravager, bandit, or theif.

Inhabitants of Svernlguerre

Young members of both fleshes and scales often search out notable members of the other race in order to learn skills rarely found amongst their peers, or master abilities they would not otherwise be able to manifest. For instance, a wyrmling silver dragon may join a large human temple to garner more knowledge of the deities, or enlist in a dwarven monastary to study the benefits of utmost self-discipline. At the same time, an elf wizard may conduct magical experiments with a copper dragon, or a gnome druid could undergo the tutelage of a green dragon to master the ways of the forest. Friendships form very often between fleshes and scales and, though less common, love has been known to sprout. This union very often brings about the birth of a half-dragon.

When a half-dragon is born, it is never seen as some freak of nature, although they are seen as different and they never feel truly comfortable among either of their bloodlines. Every so often, having a dragon ancestor manifests as a draconic creature, similar to half-dragons, though not nearly as powerful. Some fleshes through passed down stories or research find that a dragon is in their family tree, garnering the name "dragon-touched." Some ignore this heritage, others, wishing to utilise their new-found history, search out either their draconic parent if they still live or a close scale relative. After months of communion and meditation, they begin a period of metamorphosis. During this period of change, they either go off on a pilgrimage to become one with their ancestry, or they seek adventure to fully manifest their long-hidden bloodline by testing it against whatever the unknown world throws at them.


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