GSA..with complications. Help?

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Hey all =]
I'm tay, I'm 15 and openly bi and new here, well, actually I've been reading the forums for a while but didn't sign up till now!

So, I've been wanting to start a GSA at my highschool for a while now, and I'm hoping to turn that into action at the start of next year, where I'll be in year 10.

I know there's been a few topics about starting GSA's and I've read through most of them but they aren't really as much help as I'd been hoping.

The reasons being, first, I live in Australia, and I've never heard of any GSA's at any Australian highschool.
Second, it's a Private, Catholic, All Girls School. Wow, eh?

I've got connections with most of the 'out' gays at school, and also most of those who aren't out, because I was the first to come out in my grade.
So far, the tally is at least or about 8 non-straight girls who would be willing to help set up and participate, including myself.
Most of my straight friends would help out, since our group of 6 has 2 open bi's, and friends who will be in year 11 and 12 next year would be willing to help as well.

So, I was wondering, how would I go about presenting our plans to the teachers, staff or principal of my school?
There's one teacher who I'm pretty sure would be willing to support us but I'd like to have some idea of what's ahead and what's needed before I ask for her help in the matter.

Yeah. So really, any thoughts or help would be much appreciated!

Love to ya'll =]

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I think that if you get a

I think that if you get a teacher as a supporter, you can ask her/him to send away for info. Or at least that's what my teacher did, and we got info on how to start a gsa and how to do things. It's really something that you need to make your own and advertise. The rest kinda falls into place, I find. If you need more info, message me.

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I dont know how things are done in Australia but I am sure there is a Gay support Center someplace in one of the larger Citys...Ie: Sidney, Perth, etc...Contact them first...They should have some info on what the laws are for private groups in Schools there. Some places do not allow such thing or events to occur in public/private schools. The glbt center should know this and have some guidance for you...Sorry this is jumbled but I need a new keyboard this one doest always type the whole word.
Anyway....If you dont find a center near you let me know and I will find one for you as I have some resources to check with.
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Hey, cool that you want to start something!!

I don#t know the traditions in Australian (Catholic girls') high schools. But you do, and my advice is that you should think about them and see what would seem the best opportunity to start something like a GSA. I mean, for example, are there clubs at your school? Have students in the past taken initiatives? How did they do it, and could this be a model for you? Are there student organizations? ...

(I once wrote a longer journal entry on how I started something here at my university. There is no tradition of GSA's here. But there is a tradition of student associations, so we kind of joined this tradition and started an LGBT student association.)

The fact that you already know people who want to be involved is great. Maybe you don#t even need very much from your school, depending on what you want. I mean, you could put up posters at your school, advertising a first meeting (okay, you also need to get a room for that). And then you think about activities, campaigns, etc. you want to do.

I hope your school has opportunities for putting up posters. Well, otherwise just spread the word through your friends.

If you trust that teacher you mentioned, you could also ask him/her for support and/or advice. If you trust him/her, I think it is okay to talk to him/her even though you don't have very concrete ideas yet.

What you will eventually end up with will depend on the supportiveness of your school. If your school is very supportive, you can start something like a GSA which is an integral aspect of your school. If they are unsupportive, you can still start something which might then be located a little bit outside your school. Maybe for meetings you'd have to go to a café or one of the members' places.

There are many different possibilities. If one does not work out, then try something else. If you have people who are interested, then one way or the other something must work out.

Good luck!!! And keep us posted how it is going!

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