happy, sad, both, confused

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I broke up with my girlfriend, and already i have another one, Is that bad?? My ex i guess now, doesn't know that i'm dating her. I really like this new girl and she is so much like me. We are both bi, but like 99% lesbain and 1% straight. I wish we could be together more, but she lives like a half hour away, at least we go to the same school though. We had a snow day today, and it sucked, because i didn't think i could see her today, but i went into town with my cousin and i saw her, for like a half hour, but we couldn't be ourselves, cuz my cuz is like homophobic or something, idk. I am kind of sad right now because I can't see her until like tuesday, and then, we still probably can't be together, gosh, ugh, life sucks, then you die. I am so happy with her though, i can't stop smiling when i think about her, her hugs warm me up, and she's amazing.