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I'm a med student so I thought this might be interesting... If any of you have any questions regarding health/safer sex/whatever, you can ask here and I'll answer.

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I have a friend aiming to be

I have a friend aiming to be a psychologist and part of the training is a year or so of work experience in an mental asylum, im sorry but ive forgotten the proper name for it and i know that one is uncharitable. the people in there have been sectioned under the mental health act and are often violent and are known to bite and scratch, as well as a number of other unsavoury behaviour traits. my friend has been told she should have been given a number of jabs, presumably for things like hepatitis, but she hasnt.

i was wondering if there is truth in the assertion that you cannot catch anything through saliva, or through scratching? what if they scratch themselves first and get blood under their nails, for example? would you say its possible or likely to contract any form of disease in that kind of environment? (I think we can discount the possibility of actual blood to blood transfer, hopefully).

by the way i dont mean to presume that people in those institutions are all diseased, but i worry about the possibility since none of them are screened, apparently.

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Sweet action!

Wow, that's really neato! Thanks a bundle for doing this...I have some questions about nutrition and everyone's favorite, sex! I drink a lot of tea and have heard about the health benefits of drinking it. But most of the studies that I've seen have all been about green tea. Do you know if there are benefits to drinking white, black, or iced tea? I've also heard about the benefits of eating there a recommendation for how often you should eat it to obtain the benefits?

I've only one sex question for ye, out of my problems three! Does masturbating offer any benefits, other than stress relief?

Once again, thank you so much! It's very kind and generous of you to do this. Ciao!

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They dont teach how two

They dont teach how two girls have safe sex in my health class.
I know for obvious reasons, but I still need to be educated on the topic.

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hey, i was wondering that

hey, i was wondering that too...

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I think I'll post two people's questions at a time.

So now we have one question: Girl on Girl Safe Action.