Hehe, I'm a happy idiot.

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You have NO idea how amusing I find my current situation. I don't know why, but I do.

Okay, so Sora and I went to the mall today, and we enjoyed ourselves and met other Manga fans and stuff. It was awesome. Though I spent a lot of money that I probably shouldn't have. XD

So, anyways. When we get back, I walk her back to her house. And then I walk home. And then I find an exucse to go over there, I decide that I'm done with the Manga I borrowed and bring it to her.

She's home alone for a little while.. So I stay and watch some TV for a little bit, it was kind of akward actually, and then she sends me back because I'm sorta not supposed to be there.

So, a few minutes later she calls me and asks me if I want the movie that her sister borrowed back. It's wicked obvious that she just wanted to see me. Like, painfully so. So I walk over there again, she can't find it anyways. So we just sit and watch TV akwardly for a little longer, then she says that I should go, but, she like, begs me to call her or come back or something.

So I go home and eat some food, mabye a little quickly. And then go back again. XD And we sit and watch TV for a little, she turns her face to me and looking back she probably wanted me to kiss her right then but I'm too slow to have realized that. She surfs channels some more.

Then she's like, "How long have we been going out?"
So I tell her "About three weeks."
And there's this silence and then she says "We haven't kissed yet."

HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO AWNSER THAT!? (She was blaming me. Because I'm all shy and stuffs.)

Just because I'm a big chicken... Why can't she kiss me? She keeps trying to get me to kiss her but I'm too shy or something. That is so girly of her. I don't have any problems with girly, but, she's leaving me with all of the worrrrk... Or something. I dunno.

It's really stupid because before I could barley keep myself from kissing her, and now I can't even though she'd be okay with it. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM!? XD

So, it was all very akward. I'm going to see her tomorrow, mabye I'll get guts overnight or something. Well, I better do something before she looses interest or something.

Yeah.. I find this funny for some reason. Whatever.

I'll see her tommorow. Mabye I'll randomly have the guts tomorrow. Wouldn't that be nice?

Even though it was wicked akward, like always, it was nice spending some extra time with her. Even though I wasn't supposed too. >_>'

Don't even bother anylzying how she probably feels. I know her well enough to know what she thinks of this entire thing. (She's sorta dosen't hide how she feels very much either.) She thinks "Riku is a big dummy and should stop dancing around the fact that she hasn't kissed me yet. And just do it." Well, no she's not thinking that. I'm thinking that. She's thinking "Go ahead and kiss me already slowpoke. I'm not gonna kill you." Or something along those lines.

Okay. I'm gonna try to get some sleep... Haha. But really, this is stupid. I don't know why you bothered to read it.