Hey Mickey.

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So, I was taking a walk and I suddenly remembered that I want my movie back from Sora (Well, actually, my dad does... He hasn't seen it all the way through, he fell asleep.), since I was right by her house anyways (She lives down the block from me.) I decided to go over there.

When I got there she sais her sister had it, but her sister was out at the moment. Her sister always does that. *rolls eyes.* But I stayed over there for a little, and I watched the end of some stupid yet cute movie.

So, for some reason, during the credits we started singing that "hey Mickey you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind" song. And Sora (Sora is my girlfriend. But her sisters don't know that.) changed the name to Riku. (Yeah, Riku, not my actual name but it's my nickname anyways... XD Long story short, her nickname is Sora, mines Riku. Her sisters and some of my family also have Kingdom Hearts nicknames, but they don't go by them as often. XD.) And her sister was like "That's gay." and she just said "I know." which was really awesome actually. =3 And her sister didn't really have a response to that, so she sort of dropped it and put a different movie in. But her parents left so I had to go.

But I'm in a good mood now. I just wish it would hurry up and snow. =D