Highschool climates?

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In my Bible-Belt highschool 'coming out' as we know it is not a option. No one would ever, ever, consider it. Now, that's not to say there aren't somewhat out gay kids. Depening on what group you roll with, you might be able to tell some people. For instance, my Drama & Debate kids are 100% accepting. But, if everyone, or most people even, in knew you were gay... Well, to be honest I'm not sure what would happen. So, lets take it steps at a time.

Let's start off with the Administration. My principal has thrice denied up a GSA over the course of several years, and refused to let us do anything about homophobia in the school newspapers. He doesn't want up 'shoving our lifestyle in his face'.

Next to teachers. One thing is for sure: If teachers in my town were aware of my sexual orientation I would be failing several classes. I'm a good student, straight As, on student council, the debate team but if I were openly gay none of that would matter. I would be a failing student, merely because they don't approve of my 'lifestyle'.
While they don't approve of my views on equality, the do approve of the words 'fag', 'dyke', and 'queer' in the classroom. People are loudly called such epithets, and teachers merely smile and nod. Posters proclaiming that "Drogas son Gayos" (Drugs are gay) line the hallway on Red Ribbon Week.

Worst of all, the students. I'm a pretty popular kid, I know the 'cool' people from student council, the 'smart' kids from my AP classes, the 'weird' kids from Debate, and 'fun' kids from Drama. I get along pretty well with everyone, and there is no cliche clash. Everyone really gets along. And there is one common factor that unites 'us all'. Scarfie. Scarfie is freshman at our school, and no one really knows his name. He shops at Bananna Republic and wears a scarf. That, and people think he's gay. Is he? Probably not. But that's not important. He appears gay. He spends time on his appearence, and paints his nails clear. That's what matters.
Hatred of Scarfie unites the entire school daily, he walks to get in the lunch line chicken nuggets come flying from all corners of the cafeteria. People scream 'fag' and 'queer' as if they were an expected salutation. No amount of pleeding with the teachers and principal will do any good.

I live in a small town in Oklahoma. That my school climate.

What's yours?

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my school isn't as bad as yours, but it's pretty bad. we have somebody like scarfie. he is really openly gay, and everybody makes fun of him. not to his face, but behind his back, everybody calls him fag and all that stuff. Also, everyone makes gay jokes all the time. I try to tell them to stop, but if i tell them to stop too much they'll figur out im gay. they go around yelling spear the queer and stuff. the teachers hear it but they just look away and pretend they didn't hear. i live in a small town in cali

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my school is pretty good for me

ok, so we have a "scalfie" too. he acts super gay, dances, prances and pisses people off, including me. however, people hate him because he doesn't act like that when you are just talking to him one on one. so we all think that it's just a huge act, and that he wants attention, whether it be good or bad.

our school climate is pretty good for me though, as it were. i'm not out, i'm a teensy bit flamboyment, but i'm not over the top - i'm pretty down to earth, and people like me because i have a sense of humour (apparantly). i was just voted a senior house captain for nxt yr by my peers, so there must be a few people that like me. all round, i'm well liked, but there are some tough as shit jocks that don't particularly like me. they don't do anythnig to me, but i've heard "fag" and "poof" behind my back, but i have alot of people who will stand up for me.

for the whole gay community in my school though, things are a bit iffy. i go to a private catholic school. people are tolerant, but it's not the kind of place where you would want to be out & proud, it just makes life easier. the teachers at my school rock though. alot of students are very close to the teachers, myself included. i think that if you can talk to the teachers on a personal level, it makes school so much easier. why make it difficult for them to teach us? but i'm especially close to about a group of 4 teachers - they look after us above and beyond their duties as teachers, and are like the cool uncles and aunts for us. actually, they are more than that - they're our friends.

ok, so i've gone on about my school, how much i love it, how things are going for me, and what things are like. (i hope it didn't start to sound like a travel brochure for my school). whats written above is my feelings on my school environment, i hope i've been interesting :)


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Vicicous. That is pretty bad. Actually if the teachers ignore that you may be able to complain to the education authroity or whatever and get some of tehm in trouble. Or they may just expell Scarfie as a fag
My schools pretty good actually, considering it is in the most Tory area on earth. So theres a pit of disapproval, but never any outright hostility. I'm an interesting oddity as Official School Gay

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christ, that poor

christ, that poor guy.

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well.....i dont really know

well.....i dont really know what the reaction towards homosexuality would be here.....or to what degree homophobia exists in my college.....but we are predominantly christian...so i guess they would be against it....with of course the exceptional few [like my best friend] who completely supports me and hears me out every single day.....no idea how she can be so stong.......

neway.....i wouldn't know for sure....but ur situation is pretty upsetting..... dont know what i would do if it were me......

but goodluck to you.....i hope you find a friend or two to confide in....or relate to......and if you do then i feel that's what you should stick to.......unless you're completely prepared to face any kind of abuse from society.....goodluck once again....

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I'd forgotten schools could be that awful and that so many people still have their heads in a completely different place than mine.

My school is comparatively amazing. I mean, people regularly use "fag," "dyke," "queer," and "gay," but my friends don't. The teachers that know I'm queer are all very supportive (though I might have told them especially because they seemed like they'd be supportive). Some teachers give you a hard time, some kids get beat up, but mostly it's pretty accepting. People are stereotyped all the time, though, and we do have The Gay Kid and The Lesbian Kid. There is a GSA. Maybe seven kids are out at school that I know of. In a school of 800, that's not that much. And that is counting me, who never announced it, but random people still seem to know...

In sum, the dating scene sucks, but you can survive pretty well.

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wow, i guess i have to be pretty thankful for my school!!

i go to an amazing school compared to alot of you it looks like... since i live in western washington near seattle i go to a pretty liberal school. our school has a HUGE LGBT population compared to many schools.. so much so that we have been labeled the "gay" school in the district... i have made the concious decision to only come out to my good friends and leave everyone else in the dark... even though we do have a large number of LGBT kids, the backlash of being out can still be very harsh unfortunately....

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I've noticed that the straights prefer an out gay person than a closeted gay person.

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my school's not that bad.

my school's not that bad. There's 2500 kids in the school...so people just stick into their little groups and prettymuch ignore everybody else. Although there is this group of people at lunch that throw things at my group of friends...which...actually...i have no gay friends....but they do it because they're "gangster" and they think it's hilarious...and probably because we sit on the floor in a corner...lol.

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damn am i glad i got out of

damn am i glad i got out of the bible belt when i was in fifth grade and was a little homphobe myself, poor u and poor scarfie, i hope that kid is gonna be okay

i go to a quaker private school in providence that is pretty liberal and makes a hobby out of celebrating diversity. ther are occasional homophobes, and scary moments like when we watched the laramie project and everyone agreed hate crimes could happen in our school and city. but thats not bad at all, god i feel sheltered. i don't know of many openly gay people, but our school is pretty small (like 400 upper schoolers). our senior class president was actually out to some extent last year, and there is a good chance that i'll be out during highschool to more then my immediat friends. our gsa is small, but everyone leaves us alone and in drama we did a short play in which two girls develop a complicated friendship and end up kissing. teachers and administration are supportive. wow, i'm thankful. i wish you and scrafie extra luck.

hugs, luck, and peace

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school climate

Yeah, I go to a fairly large (2000+) school too, and I couldn't tell you who's gay or anything (outside of our GSA) because word really doesn't circulate that well amongst that many people. I live in eastern Washington, which is generally pretty conservative, but since I happen to have fallen in with the drama kids, there's no sort of tension within my group of friends. As a matter of fact, pretty much everyone I regularly hang out with identifies to some extent as bi (although very few of them are out to people beyond the intimate group of friends).

The city's GSAs (there are four in district) are all independent. They all stay out of getting ASB membership, because to do so would be sacrificing the soul of the club, since it would be difficult to get activities for anything cleared, like Day of Silence or World AIDS Day, and all but impossible to get a sufficient amount of funding for those activities (hence, my GSA, three Fridays, five pairs of scissors, three rolls of red ribbon, an inordinate amount of pins, and many sore fingers for World AIDS Day).

However, there's a situation at one school in the district. The school had a GSA last year, but can't manage to get one going this year because nobody is willing to be an administrator for it. Rumor has it that the teachers who are willing to do it are either busy with some other activity, or they're being told not to do it. So even in a larger city with several flourishing GSAs, I have to feel fortunate to be in the situation that I'm in. But still, there's no ultimate freedom anywhere, or so it seems from reading everyone else's responses.

Again, though, it's really depressing to see what's going on at other people's harsher schools. All I can say is keep doing what you're doing--trying for equality--and keep on fighting the good fight,

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At the first High School I

At the first High School I went to being gay, openly so, was simply not an option...unless of course you wanted to get your ass kicked on a regular basis and run the risk of being killed. I'm not kidding, it was hostile enough to be physically dangerous and there was no support from the administration whatsoever. I went to a public school in rural Arkansas.
My second high school in California, while still not the greatest was a great deal better as there was a GSA andthere were staff members who cared. The chances of getting shit from a staff member and said staff member being able to get away with that kind of intolerance was slim to none, it was, of course the other students who caused problems. I came out widescale during my senior year and really didn't get shit from anyone but that was probably because I hung out in the right circles and I can be rather intimidating if I need to be.

As for my college...well Mills is pretty well known for its lesbian population, and I've never encountered any trouble being openly homosexual here and I don't know of anyone who has recently.

Sadly, a shitty homophobic high school environment can leave its mark on people. It's been over two years since I've been back in California, and it's really only since I've come to college, that being gay doesn't seem like such a huge deal and I'm just now getting to the point where I don't care if people react badly--and if they do I'm just not afraid of them. Spiders, however, still fucking terrified of those as I found out tonight.