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For most of us, some kind of holiday is coming up. And we're probalby making plans on what to get everyone.

Though a little pricey, this is actually kind of fun, this is the first year I've had lots of friends to give gifts too.

I'm drawing a picture for Sora, it's of Sora and Riku (The video game charecters.) on the beach, holding hands. It's not done yet but it's cute so far. I'm a little upset that she peeked at the sketch, though she really liked it. So self-confidence boost. The whole RikuxSora relationship is sort of symbolic for us. It's a loong story actually. (And it's probably somewhere in my journals.)

Sora's sister likes fairys, so I thought I'd get her a little fairy model or something cute like that. I was thinking of getting her manga but I'm afraid that she'll either already have it or someone else will give it too her. Mabye I could get her one of those bookmarks with a fairy on it and beads and stuff. Or mabye one of those cute little books they always have by the cheeckout in bookstores, sometimes they have good stuff in there. (Other times, not.)

Sora's other sister, I have no idea what she likes. I asked her what she wanted and she was all like "surprise me!" Don't you just hate it when people say that? XD

I don't know what I'm getting for my little sister, I'll probably get her a teddy bear of some sort. She likes those kinds of things.

I also have a pen-pal friend that I met at a convention. But she's the hardest to buy for because I have to ship my gift to her. And plus she dosen't know what she wants either.

Sora keeps saying we should get a tree this year. It's kind of annoying, I'm sort of Jewish. (Well, not really. I am by blood and I still celebrate the holidays and appriciate the traditions but I'm not actually jewish...) So I told her that she should get a menorah this year. She dosen't even know what a menorah is... And she wants us to get a tree?

I've celebrated Christmas before, at my grandmas house once, and once at my cousins place. It was fun. I was really little then so I don't remember so well though. There was an awful lot of sparkly stuff and lights though. XD It's a lot brighter than Hanukkah, but that's because I liked shutting off all of the lights and eating lakes and gelt by candlelight.

I love lakes. They're just potato pankackes. But they're awesome, especaily with applesause.

Wow, for once the holiday season isn't driving my crazy, normally all of the Christmas hype makes me annoyed, but I guess since I don't watch TV anymore (I only have 2 1/2 stations this year.) it dosen't bug me as much.

Oh, by the way, sorry I haven't been commenting on other peoples journals as much since the layout update. Even though it's a lot easier to get around the website now, it's also a little harder to get back into the habbit. I don't know why. But sorry.

And, it's also kind of weird being told that my life could be a soap opera or a story or something. XD But I'm glad that I'm not boring. Though at this rate I might start reffering to my journal entries as "episodes" or "chapters" XD. I'm going to save all of these on a file and look back on them one day, that is, if the file is still compatible, and be like "Wow."

But then, I used to have diairy entries from when I was 10... But I destroyed the evedince burned them. Now I almost wish I didn't. Mabye so I could do it again. I dunno. XD

Sometimes, I feel like I'm an adult already. I watch adults and listen to them, they're just like me except brought up different and with more experince at life. But the way we think, well, it's not the same. But I can understand them and stuff. Sometimes I think that all an adult is, is just a teenager who's not confused.. Or not AS confused anyways. And with more responsibility and freedom.

I remember how when I was little, the world just WORKED differently. Or at least the way I saw it was entirely different. Everything was bigger too. And more mesteryous.

Oh look I'm rambling. X3 Laterz.



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i'm getting all of my

i'm getting all of my friends minature rubber chickens

hugs, luck, and peace

I lost two cities, lovely ones. And, vaster,
some realms I owned, two rivers, a continent.
I miss them, but it wasn't a disaster.

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I love lakes. . . mmmmm

I love lakes. . . mmmmm Chanukah's coming up soon XD Then Christmas soon after, then New Years, then Chinese New Years!, but that isn't for a while.

ps you and sora sound like you guys are a cute couple :)

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I am Totally Bumming This Holiday Season

See what it is is, every year I do a big Holiday gift project and send it out to all my friends, like 25 or 30 of them throughout the country. Last year I made 20 different kinds of cookies, and the year before I made candy and chocolates. This year though, because I've got so much money sunk in promoting the book, I can't afford to do my gift project. I thought it would be okay because I was so excited about the book being published, but it really has me depressed. I mean I'm usually really busy by now. Instead, I have nothing to do (except write of course, but that's my job). I'm going to make sure that no matter what else in going on, in future years, I always lay enough money aside to do my special project for my friends. It makes me feel so good, it's sad to be without it.

- Pat Nelson Childs
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characters to Sci-Fi & Fantasy"

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Latkas KICK ASS!!!!! applesause is a good dip, but so is sour cream (when ur in the mood for somethin tangy)
Sufganiot (hanukka jelly donuts) are awesome too!
For all u non-jews out there: YES, all hanukkah foods are deep-fried and extremely unhealthy. and thats why we LUV THEM! LOL :o)