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Happy hannukah, y'all!
In case u dont know the story behind it:
The PLACE: The Holy Land
The TIME: Ancient
The syrians came into town and they burned down our temple (gasp!)
so we went over there and fucked them up the ass!!! not literally (lol)... we basically just declared war on the syrians... and you know what? we fuckin WON.
And the amount of oil we used to light up the candles in the temple was real tiny, but it lasted for EIGHT DAYZ... and that was MAGIC.
So now we get to party and eat yummy food such as latkas (potato pancakes- sounds freaky, but really they're just like round home-made hashbrowns... mmm, mmm.) and JELLY DONUTZ! my personal fave. and chocolate coins! i am gonna get so fat and i cant WAIT!
Chag Sameyach, Happy Hanukkah, and have an awesome time...
Oh yeah... and spin that dreidel GOOD!

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damn i love jews. Jew power darlin'. latkes are gross. but sufganiyot rock.( that's jelly donuts to y'all goyim....which is a non-jew...) and gelt(literally money, but known to us as chocolate)

stupid holiday really, that is probably the least important jewish holiday ever. but sucks to that, i love the fire.

*she's the mistake i would always gladly continue making*

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The summarized version of

The summarized version of the story of every jewish holiday: They tried to kill us, we won, let's eat.

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