...how long?

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"how long until i'm not just dreaming, how long until somebody cares, how long until i need an angel to give me my heart, when can i start, how long until i fall in love..."

i like this song...idk who it's from but i know its called "How Long" or something like that lol...its on my myspace...sigh my ex aimed me again and FUCK i can't handle...it's like yeah i wanna be friends and all but i can't handle knowing that she's with someone else and all that crap... that she's telling the girl the same things she told me and it hurts knowing that...so many tears have fallen and i told myself so much times that its time to let go and move on but when i'm about to...she always seems to come to my mind and i can't think and i get all down again...like today...or tonite.

god i had to get off of aim i was feeling sick anyways...so i told her i had to go and went off...that was at 12 something now its 1:40 and i'm back on...i did dishes and ate 'cause eating is something i barely do nowdays and i think that was why i felt sick, i thought that i had to throw up but i realized that the last thing or real food i ate was my breakfast which was at 9 in the morning...i was surprised that i didn't eat that much...but then i remembered that when i got home i immediately knocked out, from 5 to 10 i was sleeping...i guess it was my bodys way of catching up with all the sleep i missed for the past 2 weeks...*yawn* and i'm tired again but knowing me i'm not going to sleep yet lol...and i drank coffee which usually makes me sleepy...blah

if you made it down to here...WOW i'm surprised 'cause i'm like just rambling right now lol...so KUDOS for you =)...well yeah okie...


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I don't know the song, but that sucks w/ the ex situation, as well as the being sick. you should eat more...lol. But seriously, that sucks. I know what wanting to throw up and not being able to feels like. hope ur feeling better now. and aim sucks anyways.

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thanx and yeah i'm a lil

thanx and yeah i'm a lil better...it does suck...and yes it does lol...

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