I fail at this teenage girl thing

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Haha not really.. But almost.

So, Sora came over today. She did my nails... I wouldn't let anyone else do my nails. But anyways, the were all sparky and weird looking. For some reason I felt like some kind of teenage boy who was forced into nailpolish. XD But I'm not. I'm a teenage girl... I fail at this teenage girl thing, really. I wear clothes that are big on me to hide my figure, I hate wearing makeup, I much rather go video game shopping than clothes shopping. Those Teen Zines bore me. I'm not transgendered. (Nothing wrong with people who are. But I'm not.) so I have no idea... I'm just not steryotypical is all...

Anyways, yesterday I saw this christmas picture with Sora and Riku (From the game.) holding a bunch of gifts, and Riku was holding a paupu fruit, (There's this "legend" about if you share a paupu fruit with someone, your destinies intertwine.) in but it didn't say who it was from. So I wondered who it could be out loud and my little sister says "I bet it was Sora." XD Which I thought was funny and cute. (She's 8) It looks like I've 'corrupted' her with my fangirl-ness. XD But at least I know Florida hasn't made her homophobic.

I'm on my dads computer right now because my sister is on mine. Haha.



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I love KH but I feel like a silly fangirl whenever I play it.

I did the same thing to my brother. I was playing KH2 and I was yelling at the tv about something, I believe I said " HA Sora never cried for Kairi. See Riku and Sora are in love." And the next day my brother was saying "Kairis so dumb right ?"

My brother was eight at the time too.

"Cause we share the sun, the sun shares the moon, I share your love, and we share the tunes."

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I'm kinda like you, except

I'm kinda like you, except I'd NEVER paint my nails. When I was younger the sight of nail polish made me feel like throwing up. I don't know why, but I just really hate it. It's unnecessary. So is makeup. Natural beauty is the best beauty out there. I mean, why cover up a girl and make her fake? I want to see her for who she is. I don't want to fall in love with an artificial girl. Maybe a little bit of makeup is okay, but I hate it when girls pile on makeup that they look like a completly different girl without it.

Sorry for my rant. Anyway, I wish I had a PS2. I really want to play Kingdom Hearts 2. But, sadly, I'll probably never have the chance. And I think RikuxSora make a cuter couple than SoraxKairi. They're cute friends, but Kairi is like...I don't know. But she's real cute in KH2.

~May the spirits guide your every move...to assure you please her in all the right places XD

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Sometimes I have those teenage boy moments too.