I met a girl!...and now I can't call her

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I met a girl at my school dance last night. She was visiting from another school, and she's a grade above me. She's cute, nice, and a GREAT dancer. I actually danced with her for a few minutes. It was "just as friends" and all that, but it was absolutely great. It was the first time I've ever danced with a girl. Her hands were soft and warm, and they felt wonderful. Wow.

She's bad with names, just like I am. I had seen her before last night (her sister was in one of my theater classes), but I just couldn't recall her name. I was mentally panicking, hoping desperately that we wouldn't get into a situation where I had to introduce her to someone and tell them her name. But then she introduced me to her mom, who was working at the food and drink stand, and it turned out that she couldn't remember my name! I was so relieved! Her mom kept on saying, "Don't be offended, blah blah blah" afterwards and trying to save the conversation, when it didn't need to be saved at all! I know that usually it's not a good thing that somebody's forgotten your name, but I was so happy that it wasn't just me!

So we bought our drinks, and we talked, and I learned her name. (It's Becca.) I got all nervous with her. She noticed it, too. She actually said, "Aww, you're nervous." I felt so embarrassed. I mean, was it really that obvious?

Basically, I had a wonderful time with her, and then at the end of the dance, she had to go back and join her mom. I had to go outside with my sister so that we didn't get separated, and I didn't see her again after that. My aunt and uncle arrived EARLY for once to pick me up from the dance. (CURSE THEM!! Why did they have to do this horrible thing to me on that day, of all days??) I never even got the chance to ask her for her phone number, or even an email address.

I hate this! Why on earth did this happen to me?? How's that for irony, eh? I finally meet a girl who I'd REALLYREALLYREALLY like to date, and who made me forget about my big, fat, stupid, long-lasting crush on my bestest friend of all time for a few hours, and then I can't call her back! This sucks, big time.

I'm definitely taking another theater class soon. Her sister goes to theater classes sometimes, and if her sister goes, then there's a chance I might see her again. And I'd love to see her. I would definitely like to meet her again. Who knows, maybe I'll work up the courage to ask for her phone number? I might not, considering I am a complete wuss, but then again, I might actually do it.

I'm going to have to wait a month until there's a chance I can see her again, though. Dammit. And what if her sister doesn't attend the class? I'll have to wait until the next school dance to see her. And what if she doesn't go to the next dance? What if she doesn't want to give me her number? What if she thinks I'm a complete village idiot and doesn't want to see me again in a million years? What if she doesn't want to date me and just wants to be friends? What if I never get enough courage to ask her out? Argh. I really need to stop worrying. This kind of thing can't be good for my health.


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you know her first name and what school shes from. Find a year book..