I need more good books...HELP PLZZZ!

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ok so gay books i have read are:

Totally joe
hard love
empress of the world
the realm of possibility
keeping you a secret
maybe a few more i can't remember



Any suggestions plzzz?!?!?!?

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Are these all with female characters?

Just trying to sort out what element you are mainly looking for...

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The Heart Does not Bend

I dont know if u've ever heard of it... but this is a novel that i had to read for one of my humanities classes, and it was quite good.
"The Heart Does Not Bend", by Makeda Silvera
Its about a Jamaican lesbian who moves to Toronto.
Its pretty dramatic and it really delves into the dynamics of caribbean families, the conflict between sexual freedoms and religious values, etc. check it out!

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The Heart does not bend

I must agree with -Ruby- and say read this one its good :)

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anything levithan to me is a

anything levithan to me is a must read, even if it isn't gay, realm of possibility is probably my favorite but boy meets boy (gay) and are we there yet? (not gay) are the other ones i've read

ummm annie on my mind is probably one of my favorite books of all time, i love the way nancy gardener writes in this book, very easy for me to relate to

brent hartinger....geography club and order of the poison oak

other julie ann peters stuff, so far from xanadu was good, but luna which is about a trans guy and told through the eyes of his sister, is another one of my favorite books

hope that helps

hugs, luck, and peace

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YES, Annie on my mind, i

YES, Annie on my mind, i just wrote a report on it. between mom and jo by julie anne peters, she is one of my favorite writers. I did just read one book by karin kallmaker called unforgetable, very good book about a lesbian love triangle, but it's very good, very good story line.

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the rainbow boys series (by

the rainbow boys series (by alex sanchez) is really good. all of the books are kind of easy, but good to read. he wrote another one called so hard to say, which i think is for a younger mindset but is still really good.
i just read hard love and i loved it!

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i now feel obligated to read The Realm of Possibility

because the paper back was released on my birthday (May 9)

is that a weird way to look for books?

Dare, Truth, or Promise was good..

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Hey awesome! That's my birthday too!! And I own the paperback version of the Realm of Possibility... Freaky! :D
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Books ith female characters

Books ith female characters are... Annie on my Mind, of course a must read. Much like it is New Moon Rising. There is also Kissing Kate... Empress of the world, The Bermudez Triangle and Dare Truth or Promise.

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dare truth or promise, very

dare truth or promise, very good book.

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I read a good book a while ago with female characters called 'Fingersmith' by Sarah Waters. It is not openly gay until quite far in, but I think it is definitely worth reading, and very unique. If you decide to read it, I hope you like it!

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Oh, man, Fingersmith. I saw

Oh, man, Fingersmith. I saw the movie on Logo [never read the book]. Yeah it's like 2873247 hours long and you have to wait like all hell til anything good happens. And then she just goes to the "madhouse."

Honestly, I didn't like the movie.

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Sarah Waters

The TV adaptation was a bit limp, but it's a really good read (well maybe less good if you know what happens already).

Tipping the Velvet is a really good book by Sarah Waters. Very colourful.
Affinity (her second novel) is more subdued and really quite heartbreaking; it's good but a totally different style of novel.

Her most recent book The Night Watch is less focussed and I don't think is always as succesful her characterisations. But it is very evocative (like her other books) and well writen and researched. It's engaging but more ambiguous than Fingersmith and Tipping the Velvet.

They're all quick reads and all worth while. She's a good novelist and I don't normally like historical fiction that much.

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hahaha Tipping the Velvet...

hahaha Tipping the Velvet... another movie I've seen on Logo! I was like "oh, christ, another Fingersmith-esque movie" but I actually liked watching Tipping the Velvet [but since it was forever long I only watched bits and pieces]. I think the only thing I disliked was that it seemed every girl was a lesbian... and for those times it's a little unrealistic.

I'll have to check out some of her books though. Thank you for the suggestions!

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Fingersmith is awesome! But also anything by Sarah Waters is good I've found. This list is giving me some great new reading ideas!

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more books

keeping you a secrets is a good one

mosh pit
the colour purple
boy meets boy
wives of bath


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keeping you a secret is like

keeping you a secret is like my bible baby. haha, great ass book.

The next time someone asks you, "Hey, howdja get to be a homosexual anyway?" tell them, "Homosexuals are chosen first on talent, then interview... then the swimsuit and evening gown competition pretty much gets rid of the rest of them." ~Karen Williams

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I've read most of the ones

I've read most of the ones above and they are all really good. M or F is another goodone.

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Stirfry Pages for

Pages for you
Godspeed <---my favourite
^all lesbian
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Stir-Fry: A Novel
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
The Well of Lonlieness


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Some I hadn't seen on this list

One book that hasn't been put up here yet is "Maurice" by E.M. Forster. It's amazingly good, although for older readers. (Nothing graphic, it's just harder to get through. A classic, though.) There's been a movie made of it, but I don't know what it's rated. Also "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde. It's not centered around homosexuality but there is a character in it named Basil Hallward who is gay.

EDIT: Also, "The Year They Burned the Books", by Nancy Gardener (if I remember right). And "Luna" by Julie Ann Peters.

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omg, "The Year They Burned

omg, "The Year They Burned the Books"!!!! i read that forever ago, like when i was 10 or 11 and hadn't the slightest clue i was anything unusual...and thinking back now i definitely identified with the main characters. holy wow! thanks for reminding me of this awesome book!! (yea i get overexcited about books, don't mind me...)
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"Orphea Proud" is a really

"Orphea Proud" is a really good one. Can't remember the author.

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"Please Don't Kill the

"Please Don't Kill the Freshman" by Zoe Trope. It's reaking of teenagerism but I love it. It's a memoir of her highschool days.
"Truth, Dare and Promise" is one of my favorites too.
"Keeping Her a Secret"

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how is it that no one has mentioned stone butch blues by leslie feinberg? it's really sad (for lack of a better word) at some parts, and now that i think about it, maybe it's just a bit old for this site, but it's really quite good.

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Gravel Queen

Quality writing--the author majored in creative writing at Emerson--and a beautiful story. No self-doubt or questioning involved. :)

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I love gay genre books!!

A book I'm currently reading is called "Leave Myself Behind". I really like it. Oh. And there was a book...found it a while back... "Boy Meets Boy" Both of these books are books with gay guys as main charachters, so I hope you don't mind...

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Hmm, what can I say that hasn't been posted on here already?

Valencia is a great book, but it's for mature readers, considering that it has a lot of lesbian sex in it and all.

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here is one that about histroy it is called UNSPEAKABLE the rise of the Gay and Lesbian Press In America By Rodger Streitmatter

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Full Moon Rising is a good

Full Moon Rising is a good one. It's fantasy and while the main (female) character isn't gay her brother is. He's a big character. It's the first in a series, the second is called Kissing Sin.

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try "fall on your knees" by

try "fall on your knees" by ann-marie macdonald. we actually read this one for my advanced english 12 class... a lot of people really couldn't get into it, but others fell in love with it. or with particular characters. whatever.

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desire lines

DESIRE LINES by jack gantos is really good. It's also really depressing. The main character isn't GLBQT but the book does talk a lot about homosexuality and homophobia.

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tell me what you see

i think thats what its called, it was originaly in german, and 's not obviosly gay at the begining, 's very gd
Roses have thorns

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Maximum Rde! good series!

Maximum Rde! good series!

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These are pretty good...

A Home At The End Of The World
Love Rules

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percy jackson and the olympians series, they arnt gay, but just make for a good read

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what kind of book?

what kind of book(s) ? i tend to be a book worm ^.^

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Mayor of Catro Street, by

Mayor of Catro Street, by Randy Shilts
Basically anything by Randy Shilts (hard-core history books though)
Annie on My Mind
Rubyfruit Jungle

and there's another one, but I'm forgetting it

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Annie on My Mind was so good!
Also: Affinity (dark, as LOL-Tiare said, heartbreaking, but good) , Fingersmith (First LGBTQ book I think I read actually. Very good if you like historical Fiction) Both by Sarah Waters. And Apparently she's working on a new book 'The Little Stranger' Which sounds pretty good. Staying in the 40's now though.
Keeping You A Secret (Trying to think of books not on here already, and failing.)
Sounds like from here that Empress of The World is good, but haven't read
Define Normal looks good, but seems more middle-school based (centers around 2 eighth graders)

And for Non-LGBTQ related books dealing with personal issues:
ANYTHING by Laurie Halse Anderson. Seriously.
Tithe (and subsequent books) By Holly Black
'A Song of Ice and Fire' series by George RR Martin (fantasy)

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Its a great book about Backstabbing long lost gay twins, its a page turner!!! great poolside read!
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I've read these...

I've read books with gay characters. But I haven't read any with lesbian or bi female characters. I've never really found any before.

I've read...
The Perks of Being A Wallflower
Saints of Augustine
My Father's Scar
The Vast Fields of Ordinary
Mysterious Skin

*Mysterious Skin was dark, and graphic, contained abuse, so be warned
*I loved The Perks of Being A Wallflower, the main character makes a friend who is gay, and I just loved how the whole book was Charlie writing confession-like letters to an unknown friend.
*Saints of Augustine was pretty good.
*I liked My Father's Scar, it was an older book, pretty good.
*I loved The Vast Fields of Ordinary. It was about a gay guy's last summer before college in his midwestern town. He made a best friend who was a lesbian, which was really the only time I ever encountered a lesbian in fiction.

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yesyesyesyesyes i loved that

i loved that book. especially the last story.
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I have one!

It's called 'Peter' by Kate Walker.
I picked it up at a secondhand bookstore, but it's really good, and the characters are really likable (except the one's you are supposed to hate...)

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