i should have told her...

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i thought i could get over you like i did all of my other crushes, but you aren't like them...it wasn't even a crush, it was much more than that. what me and you had...i thought it was true love, love to last a lifetime. everyday i looked forward to seeing you or hearing your voice, just telling you "i love you" was my only goal, letting you know how much you meant to me was what i tried to do. i guess that it wasn't enough. i know that you're probably happy now, i hope that she's treating you right and you doing the same to her too.

i just wanted to let you know that i will always love you, nothing will ever change. i will cherish all the times we've had and all the memories we've made together. i just want you to be happy. so take care and SMILE =)


blah...idk ever since we broke up i've always wanted to let her know that i still loved her and say something when she asked if i had anything to say...and just thinking about it now makes me regret telling her that i had nothing to say. but that's me...for the sake of someone else's happiness i say nothing, i keep my mouth shut.

i live my life to make others happy but at times i feel that i should be selfish for one time and do things for myself but when i do i end up making people mad at me or make things worse for myself, so i do nothing. saving my ass from trouble and not ruining someone else's happiness. isn't life just shit?


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"This life is yours."