I was so scared for her, and it was all for nothing

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Today, my crush was sewing in class, and she got a needle stuck in her finger. The thing is, I didn't even witness it. I just heard a rumor that said "some kid got a needle stuck in their finger in Life Skills class". Nobody was specified. I didn't know who it had happened to. So when I was picked up by my mother at carpool today, and she told me that my crush had had to go to the hospital, I was completely shocked. I was in a state of utter confusion for the next few hours. I wanted to go visit her in the hospital and help her somehow. I asked my mom how she was doing, trying to sound casual. My mom said, "Don't worry, she's only in the ER." Mentally, I FREAKED. I was so scared for her.

My mom and I made my dad call her dad and ask about her, and I found out that she had a little bit of a needle stuck in her finger and had to have it surgically removed. She checked out of the hospital right afterwards, and went to her dance class, like usual. She was perfectly fine. All of my worrying, all of the hours I spent in shock, it was for nothing. It was just a little needle stuck into her finger, and everything turned out okay. I got so worked up about it, but all for naught. God, I feel like an idiot.


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aha "don't worry, she's only

aha "don't worry, she's only in the ER" I wonder what she did to get the needle in like that!

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Was it from a sewing

Was it from a sewing machine? Those things are dangerous!.....A pedal to control a needle?! Pffft!

Its cute that you were worried heh

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don't feel like an idiot

Don't feel like an idiot. You could not know what had happened at that time, so it's not stupid of you that you worried.
I can imagine how you feel. Once I had some situation with a friend who did not respond my calls, - well it would be a long story. But the point is just that I was really worried he had taken an overdose of some drugs, or did something to himself. And then it turned out... well, basically, nothing had happened, except that he didn't feel it was important enough to give me a sign he's still alive.
And I also felt quite stupid.
But even more relieved that nothing bad had happened.

So maybe you should also be relieved that she is okay, instead of feeling like an idiot. That you worried is just a sign that you care for her, which is not something for which you should feel bad.

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lol don't worry honey!

lol trust me, I would have freaked out too if my boyfriend had a needle stuck in his finger and someone told me that he was "only in ER"...

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eeeeek i'm afraid of sewing!

eeeeek i'm afraid of sewing! ><

Sorry to say, but since it didn't happen to me... your story was cute. Made me chuckle.

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