If life was a romance novel...

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Damn straight girls. Seriously...it's stupid. Really, incredibly stupid. Sexuality is fluid, damn it! The chance that she's a 0 on the Kinsey Scale is really incredibly small. I mean, she could be a 1 and it wouldn't matter 'cause she'd be incidentally homosexual--which, seriously, is enough for me.

During art club today, S. (my straight girl crush) revealed to me what the whole "It's too awkward to tell you thing" was. No, she didn't come out to me. Not that I really expected her to, but still. I mean, it makes me want to live in a romance novel, or at least a half-way decent fanfiction. At this point, she'd confess that she's loved me since the day she laid eyes on me and would then proceed to sweep me away into the supply closet and snog my brains out. Which would be lovely. I'd withstand buckets of purple prose dumped on me just for that. Or maybe a more watered-down version--anything involving the words "I'm possibly gay and like you in that way" would do for me.


Well, hope lives eternal. It's not my fault she listens to ambiguous love-songs with me and continually comments about our compatibility. -_-

Anyway...GSA was meeting today, and I kinda wanted to go, but I didn't. Because, you know, our GSA is completely stupid and actually makes life worse for queer people in the school. Like, they celebrated the Day of Silence thing in April or whenever, and it became a complete joke. It was stupid. And they have all these dinky little posters with SPELLING MISTAKES that have all these stats on them and stuff. I mean, I'm find with the posters. But what's with the spelling mistakes?!

So. Yeah. High school sucks. What a surprise, huh?


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I wish...

I wish my school had a GSA. If you actually want to know whats with the spelling mistakes either they want people to pay attention or their spelling isn't very good. (I can't say anything my spelling sucks too:-))

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Oh yeah

Welcome to straight people. Sadly they don't magically change. Not their fault of course but it is bloody annoying

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You're skipping the other possibility, she could be a six and still not be interested.

This is the part where things get interesting, when you meet someone gay that you like and they're like "I'm not feeling it."

Always interesting to read on here when people wish their crush wasn't straight, as though two gay people naturally have chemistry. :-)

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Heh. Well, I do know that.

Heh. Well, I do know that. It's just that if she were gay I'd have a much better chance. :) Which probably wouldn't make life bearable if she still wasn't interested in me. But still.

Besides, we so have chemistry. She just doesn't realize it. :P Jk, jk.

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If life were a romance novel, I'd be the character that gets killed off.

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