I'm negative. YAY!

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One of the requirements for my immigration to Canada, is that I go for a full physical. Which will very likely include an hiv test.

As a precautionary measure, I felt I needed to go get myself tested. Simply because I didn't feel comfortable having a foreign government test me for something I wasn't already 100% sure of the answer of before.

Even though I knew I was clean, this has still been an incredibly stressful thing to go through.

I recommend going through it, though. Just because being completely sure you are clean is a great feeling, but also because knowing you have something doesn't make you any less infected. If you have it , you have it, but if you don't know about it .. there is no way you can figure it into your life.

A lot of STD's can also be treated, and not getting checked regularly could likely cause problems down the road.

And remember. Always play safe.


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I find...

the new rapid HIV testing removes a LOT of the stress. Results in less than an hour, anonymous, and free.

Unlike waiting for a week or whatever waiting for results.

So, if you can, try and find rapid testing.

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I had an HIV test not too long ago too and was happy it was negative. (I had rather expected that result than the other, but couldn't be completely sure. In fact I was a bit worried... I mean, at least I started to seriously imagine how it would suck if I'd be positive.)
I haven't heard of that rapid testing system, but as for me I just asked my gyneacologist if I could be HIV-tested, and that's how it happened. Not anonymous, but well... I can't do harm if my gyneacologist knows my HIV status right?

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