I'm not the only gay eskimo.

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So recently my little sister (17) came out to me. Meaning i'm no longer the only gay eskimo... in my tribe.


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You just got her to come out so you could sing this song didn't you?
Its cool though man (the song and the sister)

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That song wins at life.

That song wins at life. *gives you a gold star*

Be yourself. Because if you're busy being someone else, then who's gonna be you?

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It's cool that your sister

It's cool that your sister came out to you. :)

But... You just wanted an exucse to post that song didn't you? XD

No objections here though. That song is awesome.

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omg that was so great i had to watch it twice...not counting the time yesterday... :))) loved it, oh and thats cool bout your sister.

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I love thinking about gay siblings. Like, wouldn't it be sweet to have a natural ally in your family? I would find that very sweet. Imagine this: Two closeted gay siblings meet each other at a gay online forum, or at a gay youth center, or something like that. and then they decide to come out to the rest of their families together... Has anyone ever heard of that in real life? I haven't. But I am sure it has happened.

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