Is it creepy or is it just me?

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hey yeah...well i was gonna post this when i last came on but didn't have time and as i said on that post i'm sorta pressed for time because i'm not supposed to be on except for school stuffies...okie but yeah...

As i've mentioned in my old...old posts lol i went out with this girl for like 1 or 2 days and well long story short...dumped me and blah blah blah...go read those posts if you want to know lol...but anyways, i guess i was in that mood where i was still hurting because of my recent breakup and just wanted to hookup with...whoever...and she had, i guess, right timing because she started talking to me after and stuff wondering if there could be another chance and at that moment i was like sure fuck it...maybe something could happen this time but i told her that we should just be friends for awhile and hang out and see where it goes...

well we started talking more...i started thinking more about it...she made it seem like we were already going out and stuff...which kinda turned me more off and pushed me away from her...and so yeah the other day she texted me and this is how the convo went:

her: hey did you get my text from earlier?
me: no um i only got the one that you sent at 7
her: oh really? i sent one at 9 i must be going crazy!
me: ok
her: truth be told...i do like you and i want to be the cure to your sorrow
me: ah i don't know what to say
her: i have to go to my academics thing, we'll talk about it tonight
me: i have to work
her: i'll text you later then

...and yeah...please tell me if that sounds creepy to you?..."i want to be the cure to your sorrow" ok we're not going out, only friends...and i told her that that's what i wanted to be with her but NO she told me that it's just that i'm hurting and that maybe after things will change...UGH she wouldn't take NO for an answer...and okie here is the convo when i was at work:

her: so what have you thought about what you want to do?
me: about what?
her: about us
me: there's an us? i told you that i only wanted to be friends and i'm sorry that i lead you on in the beginning that we should go out again but i've realized that i don't have those feelings for you anymore...i'm sorry
her: oh i thought that it would change
me: i'm sorry

...and then that was the end she hasn't talked to me ever since then...i know i know that what i said was a little mean but god i swear with the things i didn't mention...she was like...really HOOKED...she couldn't except my yeah i am hurting and stuff but i know that it wouldn't work out between me and was wrong for me to use her a little and i feel really guilty and i apologized...i know where i was at fault...and i am really sorry...

sigh...yeah...if you made it here...OMG KUDOS to you =) yas


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Yeah well it's not that creepy...could be worse right? She could be like stalking you right now. Count your blessings that hasn't happened (it's a real pain if it does)

"Persuasive speech, and more persuasive sighs,
Silence that spoke, and eloquence of eyes."
- The Iliad (bk. XX, l. 315), (Bryant's translation)