Isn't Xmas Fun??

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Christmas was especially interesting this year. My grandparents tend to be really conservative (Extremely, actually. A little racist at times, too.). I'm the youngest on that side, and I have about ten cousins, all of which are married or seriously dating. My grandma likes to question when I'm going to get married (although I'm 18) because she thinks you should have kids while you're young. My sister interrupted her. "She doesn't need a spouse where she's going. Tijuana." She went on this whole spiel about me growing up to be a drug lord in Mexico. My family believed it, too.

Now I've got two weeks to burn before I go back to school. Although, I get to take Creative Writing when I get back.

Hope this day finds you all well.


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Haha, either your sister is really rad or really psycho. It's snazz in a can that you can take creative writing! My school doesn't offer it...*random angry dinosaur noises*

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Yeah, but.....

Yeah, Mr. Snazzypants, but you're going to take creative writing with me next year, and not only am I way cooler, but I can talk about shite that would totally get my ass fired if I were some poor, opressed High School teacher.

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