It figures.

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I feel awful. I'm not exactly sure why...

Okay, so Sora slept over. I had wanted to talk to her about some things, but I never brought them up for some reason. We started falling asleep and my neck started hurting. I didn't mean to but I screamed a little and woke her up. At first she was a little grumpy, but the pain got worse and I started crying, and she was really nice.

Anyways, we stayed up and she watched stuff on the internet. I hate it when she does that. We also bugged my dad and he gave me medicne, but it didn't help. Eventually, we manage to fall asleep.

Okay, so we wake up, and talk a little, and get breakfast, and I got some muscule relaxant stuff from my aunt. I was a little grumpy from my neck, and that made Sora grumpy, which made me grumpy.

But the muscule relaxant put me to sleep and Sora left early and I feel asleep.

So I woke up at sunset and for some reason I felt like crying.

So I cried, and I'm still upset. I'm not sure why.

I feel like we're drifting apart. I don't know why. She's my best friend, and I don't think that would happen. But it always happens to me.

Everything between us is just really akward. The whole girlfriend thing especaily. And I'm scared. I don't know why it's so hard for me to say whats on my mind.



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O, riku, when your neck

O, riku, when your neck hurts that makes your situation with Sora (as well as anything else) look sadder. Try to give yourself some rest. You are sick, this is why you start crying much more easily than you otherwise would. And this is also why now you maybe are not in the best condition to solve problems. Give yourself some rest, treat your body well. Give yourself some time to recover. And if you need to cry, then cry.
Comforting hug!

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oy vey, sounds like you've

oy vey, sounds like you've had a tough day. don't be so hard on yourself, this is scary stuff, but try not to get too upset before you know something is wrong. cry if you need to, and remember that speaking your mind is harder then it looks but very worth it.

hugs, luck, and peace

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Things always seem worse

Things always seem worse when you're not feeling well physically. I'd take a nap, and when you feel better, call Sora and tell her that you were sick and you're sorry that you were being stupid last night. That way, she'll know that it wasn't her. She may be worried that she annoys you.

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