It's a fine night tonight

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I am feeling so good right now. I mean, I finally have a crush on someone who -- as far as I can tell -- is gay. I eman, my gaydar is still developing, either that or I just don't have a very strong one at all... but she seems... lesbian. You know what I mean? Not to mention the first time I had a conversation with her. She and her friend were debating whether homosexuality was a choice or not. And her friend asked me what I thought. I said I thought it was either genetic or somehting that developes in the foetal stage, and my wonderful crush agreed. So, if she isn't les or bi, she defeinately supports it. She was reading the book Boy Meets Boy; my first period teacher announced in front of the class that it was overdue, and her face went red as everyone laughed and snickered. I had this raging desire to yell at them all. I held back. Damn...

Anyway. Supper time. I gotta go. So yeah, good day, and this week I'm asking her out. I don't care if she says no, I kow she'll understand at least. And then I won't have to wonder what she'd say anymore.


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if it has no major social

if it has no major social reprucussions, you might as well go for it

hugs, luck, and peace

I lost two cities, lovely ones. And, vaster,
some realms I owned, two rivers, a continent.
I miss them, but it wasn't a disaster.

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Snazzy wazzy, Mrs. Jazzy!

Hey, that's really great! I hope everything works out and she's all like, "Let's be super amazing lesbians together!" haha Good luck!

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