It's blue outside.

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Well, it was earlier.. I just went outside to get some fresh air and I was like "It's blue out" because the sky was overcast but everything felt really blue. X3 Whatever.

Anyways, I'm really happy right now, you may not know but I'm an artist, as in, I love to draw, lots. I post my artwork in gallerys on the net sometimes, but when my mom moved out she took her scanner so I can't scan things in anymore.. But I still draw on my computer.

So, someone said my artwork is inspiring. Which has me estatic right now because that's a huge compliment. So, I'm like beaming. And I feel like drawing more now. =D

Oh, and you know whats cool? I was reading "Annie on my mind" and it mentions "Patientce and Sarah" -- another book about lesbians. And when I read that I was like "I read that book too! =D" And I thought that was cool.

But not nearly as cool as being told that my art is inspiring.

I was feeling a little down because tomorrow is Christmas eve and everyone is going to do things for Christmas, except for me of course. But at least it'll be over with. But more importantly is I might not see Sora for a little while, since she'll be spending time with her family and my sister is coming up so when I do see her it's unlikely I'll get to talk to her alone. I'm just kind of annoyed because there's things I want to talk to her about, simple stuff, like what her school is like, and who we can tell about our relationship status, and when. And I've been wanting to talk to her about that for the last two weeks, but last time she slept over I pulled a muscule and didn't feel like doing much of anything. But I can wait, it's not like I'm dying to know.

But, I have every reason to be happy now. The days are FINALLY getting longer again, (I hate fall because of the short days. >_<) my sister, who I haven't seen for like, 3 months is coming up, and I'm finally getting used to this coming out thing. Not to mention I have family and friends who totally don't care weather I'm attracted to guys or girls or not. Which is cool. And somenone said my artwork is inspiring, which is actually really inspiring. X3

I've been dancing a lot latley, totally randomly, music or no music. Not sure why, but it's fun. =3

Oh, and Happy Holidays to all of the Oasians! I luv you all! *hugs* =D You're my interweb family. I wanna come back here in 10 years and tell you how awesome my life is okay? Because my life undoubtedly will be awesome, it always has been. Even though it sux sometimes, it makes for good stories to tell my grandchildren when I have them. X3

I love how I can talk with my parents about my children and grandchildren who don't exist yet even though I'm gay. They already know that I want to adopt. (And nothing is going to stop me either.) But it's pretty cool. I'm just being myself and nobody questions it, I wish the rest of the world were like that.

And I was thinking about future jobs, I thought that I could be a cake decorator! You know those people who make those wicked fancy cakes that are almost too beautiful to eat? For like, weddings and stuff. It would rawk. And plus, it's art, which I love. And it'd be fun you know?

There isn't much that could destroy my mood right now.

And, I'm off. Laterz.



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That was a very uplifting journal I must say. I'll meet ya back here in ten years and you can bring cake and we will all chat about the awesomeness of life! :] laters

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